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A web design agency in Richmond, VA, providing high-value Services For Small Businesses

As a web designer in Richmond, VA, it’s our goal to provide the highest level of web design, SEO, and marketing value to small business owners.

Hi, I'm Mike and I Own M.J. Web Design

Just a brief message about M.J. Web Design.

I’m so glad you found your way onto my company’s website. I want to take a few seconds to tell you my company’s mission.

I’ve met many small business owners and startups and many lack the thousands of dollars per month agencies ask to create a website, optimize it for SEO, and market their company.

That’s why I ensure with every service M.J. Web Design provides, we give MORE for the average costs.

For example, if you choose us as your web designer, you receive more than a professionally designed website.

You will receive a website already optimized for search engines. But, that’s not all.

With your Google-optimized website, you will receive your entire digital marketing framework set up for you. That means you will have all the tools to grow your business from the beginning.

We don’t believe in nickel and diming here. If you’re a business owner who feels like you’re paying too much, or have a small company that needs to grow, use the contact form and reach out

I’d love to meet you.

Web Design Richmond VA

Web Design Strategies Geared Towards Growing Small Businesses In Richmond, VA

Your website should be attracting the right audience.

Web Design Statistics That Might Shock You

Bounce Rate
0 %

According to a Google study, 60% of your mobile website visitors will abandon your website and think poorly of your business if it takes more than 1.5 seconds to load.

Website #1
0 %

50% of consumers believe your website is the most important thing to a business’s brand, and feel your website should be redesigned or updated every 3 years.

Hate Your Navigation
0 %

When surveyed, 42% of online shoppers stated they felt navigation and easy operation were more important than beautiful and fancy designs. People don’t want to search!

Business Owners
0 %

Another survey of small business owners found that 25% either didn’t have a website or didn’t update it regularly because they “didn’t know how to create or manage one”.

What It's Like To Have Us As Your Web Design Agency In Richmond, VA

  • A Focus on You

    M.J. Web Design is dedicated to focusing on you and your business's growth. Not our own.

  • Communication

    Our company may be local to RVA, but you will receive unrivaled levels of communication.

  • Lots of Value

    Many agencies have packages but M.J. Web Design's include services that set up your entire digital marketing framework.

A Word From the Owner. Yes, That's Me in the Photo!

Hiring a web designer is a big decision. You’re literally putting your business’s storefront across the internet. You can’t make a mistake. That’s why I’m here to tell you M.J. Web Design is dedicated to providing business owners in Richmond, VA, and the surrounding areas the best web design packages available, ever.

Michael Dors: Owner of M.J. Web Design

Plenty of 5-Star Ratings From Small Business Owners

One Of Our Custom Web Design Clients

Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions has been an M.J. Web Design client for 2 years and is going strong. We developed a custom WordPress website optimized for SEO in Richmond, VA. This website now ranks #1 for its local keywords and phrases and organically produces around 20 new monthly leads. In the last two years and has added around $100,000 to yearly revenue and continues to increase. Check out some of the website’s homepage images and the features below.

This website's features include:

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Our Most Popular Web Design Services In Richmond, VA

You could have a website and brand that produces results online and off.

Your website should be designed around your customers’ problems and how you will solve those problems. That means it needs to be more than just an online billboard people use to compare to other brands. M.J. Web Design’s goal is to help your Richmond, VA, based small business sell.

The website we designed for one of our clients in Richmond, VA. The website is shown on a mobile phone and is responsive for all screen sizes.
The website we designed for one of our clients in Richmond, VA. The website is shown on a mobile phone and is responsive for all screen sizes.

Want a FREE NO OBLIGATION web design strategy session?

Let’s solve your web design problem and grow your business together.

From the shadows, to regular leads. The story of Pryor Technology

Pryor Technology is an internationally renowned marking machine manufacturer that was suffering after the company paid for a website redesign that didn’t quite work out. You can see what we did to improve their website’s design, SEO, and overall functionality by clicking the button below.

Website Redesign, SEO Services In Ashland, VA

Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions

Company Was Scammed

Read how M.J. Web Design completely redesigned this website from the ground up and helped the company recover from an SEO scam.
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Website Redesign, SEO Services In Midlothian, VA

Benchmark Senior Solutions

Do-It-Yourself Upgrade

This company found us through an online SEO search and needed help. We assisted with redesigning the website and increasing exposure.
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Website Design, SEO Services In Midlothian, VA

RVA Mobile Catering

Brand New Company

This is a privately owned food truck database company that wanted to build something from scratch! Get the full web design story here.
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Web Design, SEO, Marketing Internationally

Challenger Hockey

Explosive Startup

Challenger Hockey is a business partner of M.J. Web Design. See the website we built, the marketing strategies, and partnetships.
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Site Redesign, SEO Services In Richmond, VA

Richard's Paving

20 Year Old Website

Here's what's crazy. The companies original website wasn't 20 years old, but the old web designer made it that way... Crazy right?
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Some Of Our Favorite Web Design & Development Tools

A Custom Designed Website In 3 Easy Steps

Our Web Design Services For RVA Business Owners

Contact us if you need something involving your website and don’t see it listed.

Custom Website Design

Website design is very important to your brand's ability to increase exposure online, bet recognized amongst the competition, and result in sales. When you choose M.J. Web Design, you will receive a fully custom website designed and built from the ground up. We have the ability to develop websites from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but we usually stick to manipulating content management systems with custom code to make sure you have the unique features you desire.

WordPress Experts

M.J. Web Design is proficient at designing custom websites with WordPress. Your small business needs a website that helps it stand out from the competition and our WordPress web design experts are top-notch. We do not simply use pre-made themes and custom builders. Our WordPress development skills are utilized to make sure your website has custom features, exceptional branding, and makes you unique.

Logo & Graphic Design

When you have a custom website designed for your small business, you don't want a logo designed with a logo template generator. You will receive a custom vector logo and other graphics that can be blown up and used around the site and on other marketing materials. A high-quality, custom designed logo is going to give your brand credibility, and if you already have a logo that needs redesigning, we can do that too.

Website Photography

If you want your custom website designed right then you will need custom photos of your business, team, and brand. It's become well known that websites with custom photos sell products and services better than those with stock photos. Website's designed with custom photos on the site also perform better with SEO than those with stock photos.

Content Writing

As as full-service web design agency, you don't have to worry about writing your website's content. Google has stated high-quality, custom written content will always outrank and be preferred over AI-generated content. M.J. Web Design is dedicated to learning as much as possible about your business and industry so we can write content designed to sell your goods and services to the proper audience.

eCommerce Web Design

Designing a custom eCommerce website has it's own set of UX and UI design trends and rules. When you're selling products online, you want an eCommerce website that provides users an amazing and easy-to-use shopping experience. Our web designers will design your website with easy navigation, integrate social proof, publish high-quality product images, captivating descriptions, and include your unique selling points (USPs).

Website Hosting

M.J. Web Design uses a variety of options to host your website. Every web design or website maintenance package we have comes with hosting included so you don't have to worry about where your website will be saved. We have basic, advanced, and high-end options available. A fast web host ensures your website remains fast, healthy, and maintains high SEO scores. Web Hosting is not something you want to be "cheap" with.

Content Management Systems

WordPress is not the only content management system you can have your website built with. There are different content management systems that help streamline your website's development, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example Shopify is better for eCommerce CMS Hub is great for enterprise sized websites, and Joomla is great for membership sites. In the end, WordPress is an excellent choice for any type of website.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is when you make sure a custom website resizes and reconfigures itself to look good on any sized device. A responsive website is also designed to run at high speeds on any device. Statistics show 82% of mobile website users claim a slow website affects their buying decisions. Our responsive website designs call come with images that scale up and down, font sizes that adjust based on the screen, and clickable areas appropriate for the type of device being used.

ADA Compliant Web Design

What is an ADA compliant website? The Americans with Disabilities Act requires online properties (websites), to be designed using features that make them accessible for people with disabilities. This includes having proper color contrast ratios, navigation, descriptive labels, and feedback for form errors. There are also ways to implement keyboard navigation and other features depending on what the website users need.

Website Maintenance & Security

M.J. Web Design offers website maintenance and website management plans. These plans include content updates, speed and code optimization, security, hosting, regular updates, bug fixes, backups, broken link fixes, technical support, form testing, and more. Essentially, you will no longer have to manage or maintain your own website nor pay for hosting yourself. This will save you time as a business owner and allow you to get other things done.

Website Analytics

We can set up Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Conversion-based tracking to collect website user data for behavioral analysis. This helps us make design changes and content updates that will assist users based on the audience. The data also helps us figure out ways to help entice your users to convert into leads. Whether that be better form placement, faster navigation, or adjusting how potential customers reach you through the site.

Our Web Design Process Is Simple And Tailored To Grow Your Business

1) Strategy Session

Everyone gets a FREE 30 - 60-minute strategy session with the owner to discuss your needs, provide information, and discuss whether our web design agency is the best choice for your business. 

2) Questionnaires

We have extensive questionnaires for you to answer that will give us insight into your business, your brand, and future goals. That way we can figure out where to take your website's design.

3) Planning

With your info in hand, we will investigate your competitors, research your target audience, plan the website's structure, and get everything ready to begin development.

4) Content Creation

Your branded graphics will be drawn and the first draft of your website's copy will be written. This will then be adjusted properly as we develop the website.

5) Develop

At this point, we will have a wireframe of the website ready to go and we will put your graphic and written content onto a staging website.

6) Testing

Your website will be submitted to focus groups and content editors to be sure it's igniting the right response and is easy to read and navigate.

7) SEO

All the technical SEO aspects will be completed so the website is ready for launch. This includes making sure the right keywords are in the SEO title, meta description, and other first-time optimizations are completed.

8) Launch

The website is uploaded to the hosting and connected to the domain name, at which point we submit the sitemap to Google and Google will crawl it and give initial rankings.

Web Design & Web Development FAQs

If you don’t see the answer to your question, contact us.

What will you use to build my website?

M.J. Web Design can code websites from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But, we specialize in content management systems like WordPress. Most of our websites are designed and built on WordPress, but we can use WIX, Squarespace, Joomla, and Shopify. WordPress though, rules the internet and it’s our preferred platform.

How much does a web designer cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Web design agencies across the United States and in Richmond, VA, vary in price due to overhead, services, and experience offered. However, the national average for a new website design is $5,000+ with an hourly cost of $75 or more. M.J. Web Design operates remotely and locally so we don’t charge this much. 

How do I know it will be worth it to hire a web design agency?

Do-it-yourself website builders definitely exist. We’ve discussed software like WIX and Squarespace on this page. But, hiring a professional is well worth the cost if: Your time is valuable elsewhere at your business. Or, you do not have the skills to design and develop a website properly. Remember, it’s not just web design, you have to learn SEO and marketing to make it all work.

How do I pick the right web design agency?

We could write an entire blog post on this topic. But, here are a few things to look for that will help you choose the right web designer. 1) Consider what requirements you have. 2) Decide on your budget. 3) Ask the web designer to show you their portfolio and results. 4) Check for good reviews. If you follow through with each of these then chose the one that provides the most value.

How does M.J. Web Design differ from other web designers in Richmond, VA?

Web design agencies in Richmond, VA, all seem to be the same. They charge thousands, some will do SEO optimization as an add-on, while others will also perform digital marketing. Every, single, one, seems to state they are the best, with the highest quality, and the best customer service… But, what makes M.J. Web Design different is how we package things. For the average national cost of a website, with M.J. Web Design you also get SEO optimization, a specialized sales funnel set up, your social media platforms created and optimized, a Google Business Profile, and more.

How long will my web design take?

The time required to complete your website design depends on a few factors:

  • How quickly you respond to us and provide us with the materials we need.
  • The number of features you want on the website.
  • The number of pages on the website.

For small business owners in Richmond, VA, it can be a little easier because we can visit your business and help out. It’s a part of the web design package we provide. Schedule a consultation with us and we can walk you through it all.

Do you only design websites for businesses in Richmond, VA?

We design websites for businesses in Richmond, VA, and around the country. But, even though we’re based in Richmond, VA, we can directly work with businesses in the following areas.

  • Richmond
  • Chesterfield
  • Hanover
  • Henrico
  • Mechanicsville
  • Ashland
  • Midlothian
  • Short Pump
  • and all other localities in the Richmond Metro Area.

Can you design a website for different industries?

M.J. Web Design has worked with multiple industries. We have designed and redesigned websites for pest control companies, real estate agents, real estate managers, sporting goods companies, senior care advisors, construction, and more. What allows us to do this is our web design process. We ask so many questions and direct our design process toward the brand’s audience, and that’s what makes us successful.

Do you have any more resources about web design I can look at?

You're a web designer in Richmond, VA, can I visit your office?

Our offices are in the Richmond Metro Area but don’t accept visitors since we also work from home. However, we can meet you anywhere in RVA that is convenient for you. Just let us know if you prefer ZOOM or an in-person meeting.

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