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About Our "Direct Response Web Design And Marketing Agency"

So What Are We And How Do We Make Business Ownership Easier And Life Better?

We are a small agency that handles clients in Richmond, VA, the State of Virginia, and nationwide thanks to being run remotely. But who are the people behind the business?

What Is "Direct Response" When It Comes To Website Design, SEO, Social Media, And Other Forms Of Marketing?

Hi everyone, Mike here. Thanks for visiting our about page. I’m going to spend a few lines telling you about M.J. Web Design, why I built it, and the problems we try to solve in the web design and marketing industries. These two industries were very separate 15 – 20 years ago. But, nowadays you have web design agencies who provide marketing services, and digital marketing agencies who provide web design. But, thanks to a rapidly evolving tech industry, many principles around what makes people click, subscribe, or buy have become forgotten.

I developed M.J. Web Design after spending 14+ years working in sales, personal marketing, and coding/building websites. But, what started as a standard web design agency that provided some marketing services. I noticed none of the other agencies in Richmond were providing “direct response web design and marketing”. But what exactly is that?

Direct response is a set of strategies that have been used in sales and marketing for almost two full centuries. But they’ve become lost as new, college age marketers come into the industry believing you had to be the next big thing on Tik Tok to get noticed. Rather than using technology to improve the reach of direct response, many seem to strive for reach, followers, and clout. 

But the popular video isn’t what gets customers into your sphere and buying from you regularly. Direct Response is a set of principles that are fused into tech that provide potential customers offers they can’t refuse, stories that help them get to know you, and value that makes them have to buy. Direct Response means your website isn’t set up to just be beautiful, talk about your services, and then say “click here”. Copy is written to obtain an emotional response from a specific target audience. Your SEO, marketing campaigns, social media, and other aspects of your online presence must reflect these principles to create success.

If this sounds like the type of website and marketing for that website you want go ahead and keep reading. Thank you so much for your time!

M.J. Web Design Richmond Owner - Michael Dors

“I can’t stand the big agency way of doing things. My dad taught me to run a business with customer service in mind, and that’s why M.J. Web Design does things differently.”

Michael D. Owner

My Goals Are Different Than Other Agencies

No Contracts

I hate contracts. I find them tot be a way for businesses to force customers to stay with them or else they charge more money to cancel. Instead of doing the work to keep that client, they want to do it through contracts…

Client’s Satisfaction

That’s why M.J. Web Design does ZERO contracts. I can’t state it more how much I hate them. I empathize for everyone I’ve sold to while working in sales for other companies when they had to sign the contract. 

Our Mission & What We Solve

These are some of the problems our clients come to us with.

Time Management

Our ideal clients are startups and small business owners who spent HOURS trying to develop a website, and market their business. But they didn’t know where to begin.

Poor Communication

Some people have spoken with us about the previous agencies or freelancers they spoke with, and thought about hiring. They felt like just a number or didn’t evenreceive a call back.

Smaller Budgets

Thanks so being remote, we don’t have the overhead of larger agencies. This means we can provide more value at the same or a better price.

Frustration & Confusion

90% of people starting a business don’t know how to create a website, create funnels, or marketing campaigns. We remove that stress by handling it for you.

Don't Worry About These Issues When You Work With Us.

Two business owners. One on a computer while the other one brainstorms internet marketing ides.

The M.J. Web Design Mission

Our Goal is to Change Lives

Starting or owning a business is STRESSFUL. So our goal is to handle the parts of it you might not have experience in so you can concentrate on what you do know.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. We’re here so you have time, time, and more time to devote to your business. Let us handle the website and internet marketing.

We want to provide collaboration and communication unmatched by other agencies. We want to be the agency that makes you say, “I’m so glad I have them!”

Let’s be honest, when you start a business the goal is to make money. It’s our goal to get startups and small business owners the initial growth so they feel comfortable.

Benefits of Hiring an Internet Marketing Agency

Here are some statistics about the internet and why having a professional internet marketing agency to reach potential clients is beneficial to you.

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Google Clicks

Optimizing a website for search engines like Google takes research, time, and expertise. 90% of web pages get ZERO traffic from Google without someone doing SEO.

0 %

Professional Website

Half of small businesses don’t even have a website. Can you imagine the growth you could obtain if you had one? You would beat your competition.

0 %

Visual Conversion

Have you ever made a professional video to market yourself or a business online? 82% of people buy from a company if their website has amazing video content.

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Blog Traffic

Believe it or not, this is important. Businesses that have an internet marketer to regularly update and keep a blog have 55% more website traffic.

Hey this is Michael the owner. Like I said earlier....

My dad taught me to make this right for my clients. So I make it simple.

No one wants to work with a company that makes it complicated or doesn’t communicate.

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We're not old but...

We Have Plenty of Experience

Hi, I’m Michael! Thanks so much for visiting the official M.J. Web Design website. I started coding when I was just a kid, then taught web design to kids for a few years until the pandemic. At that point I decided to start freelancing as a web designer.

The business grew fast due to the pandemic. Everyone was looking to expand their online presence since everything was closed. I then realized freelancing would be too much and I found some employees! 

So M.J. Web Design was officially born, and I’ve decided to bring traditional concepts to business that seem to be lost in the 21st century.

As a business owner myself, I understand you want your startup or small business to make you enough money you can relax. You want to manage your employees and do things you know how to do. That’s where we come in. 

As a new business owner, you don’t have the time to learn internet marketing. But you also need that part of your business to grow and bring you, new clients.

I think it’s a terrible new startup and business owners should feel stressed about this. That’s why we bring the same success that made M.J. Web Design to you.


I love to communicate and collaborate. So just contact us here, we’ll meet up on ZOOM or in person, and start making you the business owner you want to be! 

A chart with a green arrow pointing upwards.
Some business people throwing paper in the air out of happiness. It's M.J. Web Design's goal to increase your success and make you happy with your business.

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