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Hi, I’m Michael and I want to welcome you to my website, my world, and what I love.

If You Found Us By Typing "Web Designer Near Me" Into Google, You're In The Right Place

I became a local web designer so other business owners have healthier, wealthier, and happier lives.

If you don’t read anything else on this website, then just know this. I built this local web design company during the hardest period of my life. I was newly married when the pandemic hit and I lost my career, was massively in debt, and had tons of new bills.

I grew M.J. Web Design and provided myself an almost 6 figure annual income within 4 months. This success helped me realize something. I was going to dedicate this company to the small business owner who is taken advantage of by the web design and marketing industry.

But, how do companies in the digital marketing sphere take advantage of small business owners? I don’t believe it’s done intentionally, but as a high-margin and labor-intensive industry, it becomes easy to prey on business owners who have not performed marketing themselves. Keep reading below and I will continue to explain.

A portrait photo of the owner of M.J. Web Design - Michael Dors
"My dad taught me one thing about busineses these days, they aren't what they used to be."

So How Do Industry Leaders Prey On Business Owners?

Web designers and marketers know the industry is hard to understand.

A small business owner frustrated with his 3rd party marketing agency.

Communication is key, and I'll never lie about what I believe your business needs to be successful. I just can't do it without working together.

Owner and CEO of M.J. Web Design

In a nutshell... When a business owner has never designed and developed a website, or gone through the trials and pains of marketing. Agencies use that frustration as a way to discredit one another and earn sales.

How Does M.J. Web Design Help Me Then?
How Do We Have The Best Relationship?

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Our goal is to communicate to you what we feel is best for your business. We have extensive questionnaires designed to get to know you and your business's goals. We use these to create a plan that will target the right audience, using the right platforms, and give you the desired result.

Upfront & Honest

When I started M.J. Web Design, I also wanted fast success. I obtained it, but it took a lot of failures. When you work with my company, we're going to be upfront and honest. That means we won't promise you something outside our abilities or your budget. We do business with integrity.

An icon representing the realistic expectations M.J. Web Design prides itself on.

Realistic Expectations

When you design and launch a website, it doesn't sell itself. You need digital marketing, and sometimes it takes time to discover what platform and content works best with your audience. That's why we don't do the whole "just branding" thing. We come up with realistic expectations and brainstorm realistic offers.

A box with a money symbol. When you choose M.J. Web Design, you will get more web design and marketing services for your dollar.

More Value

Many companies have large amounts of overhead and inflated prices. These web design agencies have salaried employees, offices, and other fees they have to charge to stay business. I developed M.J. Web Design's website creation and digital marketing packages to have more services included.

Plenty of 5-Star Ratings From Local Business Owners

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M.J. Web Design's Core Values

  • Appreciation

    Every time we meet someone new, or discuss a clients' project, we do so with much appreciation. It's in our blood to always make sure we treat you like you're the hero, because you are.

  • Respectful

    My father told me once, "the reason why business's fail these days is because they don't RESPECT like they used too". I feel this is true. That's why M.J. Web Design always respects everyone.

  • Thinking Big

    We care about returns. We don't care about big numbers that just look pretty. A million followers doesn't translate to money if they aren't the right people. We want to build you a big brand through grassroots digital marketing (ask us more!).

  • Consistent Growth

    We care about growth. Whether it's our own business or our job to help you with yours. We take care to ensure that growth is done with care. Quality is what matters when you're growing a business.

  • Honesty

    Lot's of companies say they are honest, but they will stretch the truth. We take pride in being as honest as possible with potential and current clients.

  • Taking Responsibility

    In every business the world has ever known mistakes have been made. We are human, just like everyone else. What we value is how we take responsibility. You will NEVER, hear our company respond to a mistake without taking responsibility.

I graduated high school.
I first started working in sales and customer service.
A salesman closing a sale.

After I graduated high school, I started working in different sales and customer service roles. I have worked as a server, supervisor at Circuit City and Best Buy, and sold furniture on commission. I've even sold high-end home remodeling.

December 2015
Finished VCU
I finally finished college with almost 3 degrees.
The official sign of VCU - Virginial Commonwealth University

It took me a while, but in 2015 I finally graduated from college. I had tons of sales and customer service experience, and now I wanted to use my degree to start an official career. I was a couple semesters from a Masters in education, but I graduated with a Bachelors in History, and a minor in Political Science.

Director of Code Ninjas
I managed the 3rd fastest growing Code Ninjas.
Michael Dors, the owner of M.J. Web Design in the middle of a sale.

Eventually I got a job using my education background from school, my experience as a supervisor, and sales experience by becoming the director of the first Code Ninjas in Central, VA. I sold, helped advertise, and managed the entire company. All while making it the 3rd fastest growing youth learning center in the United States.

The World Shut Down
The pandemic hits and changes my life forever.
A sign with the word pandemic on it.

In March 2020, I lost my career thanks to the Pandemic. Before this time, I had developed marketing and web design skills through 12 years of work. I had started freelancing in January 2020, but I decided it was time to develop M.J. Web Design

First Clients
M.J. Web Design lands its first client through FB groups.
The homepage of godgivenhealth.com. This website was designed by M.J. Web Design and is the companies first client.

We launched our local web design company unofficially in June 2020 and obtained our first client godgivenhealth.com in the same month. We designed the website and through that success story, used it as a launching point.

It took three months, but we were past breaking even.
The owner of M.J. Web Design at his first photo shoot.

One client led to two, two then led to three, then we were paying our bills and making money. Those same marketing skills we used to make Code Ninjas a success worked for us as well. This is what we bring to other small businesses.

Modern Day
The rebrand begins thanks to growth.

Thanks to consistent growth over the past three years, M.J. Web Design has added services, become more professional, and increased visibility. With a much larger portfolio, we are rebranding with a new logo, website, and set of processes to bring the most value possible to our customers.

I Would LOVE To Work With You

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