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Have You Experienced Any Of These Marketing Struggles?

Trying to market your business without a consultant can be challenging, frustrating, or downright devastating when it doesn’t work properly. If you’ve experienced ANY ONE of these situations don’t worry. Help is on the way.

Marketing Consulting In Richmond, VA

The lightbulb will come on when you choose us as marketing consultants. We will find the holes in your marketing. We want to make you go AHA! 

Your Google rankings will improve when we write up a full SEO plan. This plan will include keywords, technical improvements, and how you can improve content.

When you put a comprehensive strategy in place that involves SEO, social media, content marketing, and paid ads, leads will increase and so will the amount of money you’ll make.

No more trying to advertise to everyone in town. We will help you narrow down your marketing so you reach a target audience that needs your products or services.

What Comes With Our Marketing Consulting Service?

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Marketing Consultant FAQs:

If you don’t see the answer to your question, contact us.

What is the average cost of a marketing consultant?

A digital marketing consultant charges an average of $50 to $300 per hour based on experience and the project size. Some marketing consultants will charge set fees based on a certain number of hours monthly. When you speak with a marketing consultant, be sure you understand how much time you will need to comprehend and fix the problems with your marketing.

What will a marketing consultant do for my small business?

A marketing consultant assists business owners with finding problems with their marketing. The marketing consultant can be a freelance marketing or an employee with a digital marketing agency. Most consultants don’t just assist you with finding problems, but assist you with implementing solutions.

How much does M.J. Web Design charge to be my marketing consultant?

M.J. Web Design has multiple pricing tiers based on the size and scope of the project. You can even have us perform individual strategies for specific types of marketing instead of a full strategy. This way if your company just has an SEO problem, we can complete an SEO audit and strategy. This is cheaper than analyzing and writing a comprehensive strategy for your entire business and all the different marketing platforms.

How do I know whether or not I need a marketing consultant?

If you are a business owner with no marketing experience or suffering from frustration with advertising, then you would benefit from hiring a marketing consultant. A digital marketing consultant can help you develop new strategies you haven’t thought of, or even teach you to advertise.

Is there a specific industry you provide marketing consulting for?

M.J. Web Design has experience working with multiple industries. Our client list includes contractors, caterers, real estate agents, pest control companies, and more. Marketing follows a specific set of rules that are the same across all industries. It’s the target audience and message that changes. 

What happens if the marketing strategy you create doesn't work?

Marketing strategies are great to have. Think of it as an advertising framework for your business that works alongside your business plan. It’s a regular occurrence to make adjustments to your business plan as you grow. Marketing is much the same. It will require tweaking and a process of elimination as you grow. M.J. Web Design guarantees that if your marketing solution is not providing the results you want, we will continue to work with you and consult  until it works.

How long will it take you to create my marketing plan?

On average, the entire process takes 6 – 8 weeks. It can take longer if the project is very large and complicated, or it can take less time if it’s a very basic strategy.

What platforms or types of marketing can you consult on?

  • Google Business Profiles
  • Website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogs
  • YouTube
  • and More!

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