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Pay Per Click Advertising For Small Businesses

Pay-per-click ads (PPC advertising) is a digital marketing strategy that gets your business sales and leads now.

A Message From The Owner About PPC Ads

Hello website visitor! This is Michael, the CEO and owner of M.J. Web Design. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and welcome you to the Pay-per-click advertising service page.

If you’ve experienced a situation where you have tried paid ads and they didn’t work, or you just have no idea where to start then you’re on the right page. In the following sections, we will discuss the struggles small businesses have with paid ads.

We will also be going over the different types of PPC ads, the benefits of running pay-per-click ads, and how our PPC services work. Let’s get started!

Have You Experienced Any Of These Situations?

  • Strategy Isn't Working

    Did you start a business or own one that had a marketing strategy that is not working? Did your analytics show clicks and traffic but no more?

  • No Leads

    Were your clicks and traffic generating leads and suddenly they dried up? Are the leads not good quality?

  • Wasted Budgets

    Are the leads you're getting bad quality? Are your budgets drying up without producing a return on your investment?

  • What Platform?

    Have you tried social media in the past but stopped because it wasn't working? Are you not sure what platform to advertise on now?

  • Can't Keep Up

    Does everything seem to change so quickly that you can't learn fast enough and keep up?

PPC Advertising Richmond, VA

What's It Like With Our PPC Marketing Services

So how does it feel to have a digital marketing agency in your back pocket doing your pay-per-click ads?

A business owner smiling because she is stress free thanks to the digital marketing agency she hired doing her pay-per-click advertising.

Stress Relief!

When you no longer have to take the time to learn, strategize, implement, and repeat, the stress is off your shoulders. We do it for you.

A man holding a sign that says qualified leads. When you retain our PPC ad services you will receive higher quality leads.

Better Leads

With intense research and scrutiny of your target audience, our goal is to make sure you get the highest quality leads.

A woman holding 100 dollar bills. Business owners who use PPC advertising get quick leads and a higher return on investment.

Higher Returns

PPC ads will bring in higher quality leads contacting your business. This will translate into a higher return on your investment.

Business Focus

Let us handle the advertising. As a business owner, you should concentrate on your business's growth, structure, and organization.

"There Are 10 Rules We Follow When We Create PPC Advertising Campaigns"

Below Are 10 Direct Response Marketing Rules We Stick To

  • Everything must have an offer.

    Your website's landing pages, social media profiles, paid ads, and all other online materials must contain an offer. Something irresistible people can't say no to.

  • A reason to respond NOW.

    The offer we help you craft will contain a sense of urgency because the second someone leaves your website or ad, they are gone.

  • Clear Instructions.

    Many failures come from not being clear. Any ad campaign or web page we set up will have clear instructions tell people how to easily reach out and become a lead.

  • Everything is tracked.

    Digital Marketing only works when you track, everything. We will set up personalized behavioral tracking so we know what people are doing after they click on your ads.

  • Only no cost brand building.

    This means that your paid ads aren't used to build a brand and exposure. They are for leads now! Social media and other organic means are used to build your brand.

  • No follow up? No money.

    If people become a lead but don't respond when you reach out, too many companies let these people go. You need a follow up funnel set up so your business is the only solution people see for their problem.

  • The copy must be written strongly.

    The pay-per-click ad copy must be strong and invoke an emotional response from your target audience.

  • Your ads will look closer to mail-order advertising.

    We like to write stronger and longer ad copy that tells a story and hits pain points your target audience has. This is a better way to get a good response.

  • Results will rule.

    Many digital marketing agencies in Richmond charge big dollars for ad budgets and labor. M.J. Web Design believes in one price to start. Something more affordable to test ads with. When those ads are producing results, then we scale up.

  • You must be tough minded.

    You have to have a tough mind to put your business on a tough, direct response PPC ad diet. Going through the split-testing period and discovering what will work can be frustrating. You must persevere.

The Benefits Of M.J. Web Design Running Your PPC Ads

  • PPC Experience: We’ve been doing this for years. Why should you have to waste your time learning PPC ads yourself?
  • Customized Campaigns: Every PPC campaign we run is tailored to your business and target audience.
  • Results Driven: Results rule, period. We test, check results, adjust, and repeat. No budget increases until we have a winner.
  • Scalability: No massive ad budgets. We start small and expand your budgets when you receive a return on the investment.

Great Reviews From Small Business Owners In RVA

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Free PPC Advertising Strategy Session

A free 60-minute strategy session could make or break your marketing success.

Get PPC Ad Campaigns In 3 Easy Steps

PPC Advertising On Multiple Platforms

We can run ads on Google, social media, YouTube, Amazon, and More!

The Google homepage. M.J. Web Design can create Google Ads campaigns for small businesses in Richmond, VA.

Google Display Ads, Video Ads, Local Search Ads, And More...

Google is the most popular place to run pay-per-click ad campaigns. Google’s chief economists claim that if you run an ad correctly, and to the right target audience, each $1 you spend should bring back $2. They work on a bidding format, meaning businesses bid to have their ad seen when someone types in a specific keyword/s. Within Google ads, you can run 7 different types: Search, Shopping, Display, Video, App, Smart, Local, and Call Only. The only negative side of Google Ads is how competitive it is. Small businesses trying to target very competitive keywords can get very expensive and show little return. That’s why many businesses choose social media ads.

A computer with the Facebook logo on the screen. PPC ads can be fun on social media as well as Google.

Facebook/Meta Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Facebook has gotten a bad rap lately, but it’s still the biggest and most popular social media ad platform in the world. Targeting has become more limited but you can still narrow down your target audience well. What’s best about Facebook ads is the tracking and informative data collection. By installing the Facebook Pixel on your website, you can track who is visiting your website, then retarget them with follow-up ads, see what buttons they are clicking on, forms they are using, etc. You can even filter ads to block the audiences you don’t want! They provide performance estimates and split testing built-in to the platform (direct response marketing is huge on split testing).

A woman watching a YouTube ad.

Twitter, YouTube, And Instagram Ads

There are 1 billion people who use Instagram each month, 81% of people use it to research products and services, and 130 million people shop on Instagram. This are staggering numbers, and what’s great about Instagram is that you can run your ads concurrently with Facebook. If you love video, than YouTube is for you. You can decide on your target audience and literally choose the channels you want to put ads on! Finally, you might not think of Twitter anymore (or do you? LOL). Research shows that if someone follows a company on Twitter they are 67% more likely to buy from them. Believe it or not, 33% of teenagers in the USA are using twitter, and the biggest audience on Twitter is young women.

Bing Ads/Microsoft Ads

Only 8% of internet searches occur on Bing, which might make you think it isn’t worth it. There’s no doubt it’s tiny in comparison to Google but it’s still being widely used, why? Many companies make tons of money with Microsoft Ads because they can reach millions of searchers who don’t use Google. Microsoft ads have a 50% higher click-through rate than Google Ads, a 33% lower cost per click, and the average cost to acquire a customer is 30% less. To sum all of this up, you can reach millions of people at HALF THE COST OF GOOGLE ADS. If you leverage the ad platform properly, it actually becomes very big. 600 million people use Microsoft Edge as their browser, Surface and Xbox users see Microsoft Ads, and millions still have Hotmail accounts.

Amazon Sponsored Products PPC

Amazon PPC ads are great for many sellers and vendors who sell physical products. Beyond Google, Amazon is the most popular place for online shopping. Over 310 million people use Amazon to buy items at lower prices, price match retailers, and stock up on toiletries for their homes. Amazon also has two different types of ads. The first is Amazon-sponsored product ads. These are pay-per-click, targeted ads that boost the reach of the merchandise you’re already selling on Amazon. It works a lot like Google Ads where you bid on keywords people are searching for. The other type of ad is Amazon Product Ads. These are “linked” ads that take the buyer from Amazon to an external website, online store, or landing page you created.

Business To Business LinkedIn PPC Ads

Why didn’t we group this with rest of the social media platforms? Because LinkedIn is unique thanks to its business to business model. If your business is service based and provides products/services for other businesses, you can reach 450 million users on the platform. 7 out of 10 professionals claim they see ads and other LinkedIn information as trustworthy. Trust is huge and makes this platform a great alternative since many people are trusting Google and Facebook less and less. 57% of LinkedIn users are companies and half of all B2B buyers state they use LinkedIn when making purchasing decisions. It’s definitely the place for businesses to create ads for other businesses.


If you don’t see the answer to your question, contact us.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It’s a form of digital marketing that involves bidding for ad exposure and paying a certain amount when someone clicks on your ad. You can post ads on search engines (Google), social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and websites (forums, blogs, etc.). It is the fastest way to obtain exposure for your business.

How much do PPC ads cost?

This one varies depending on the number of competitors, keyword search volume, and audience demographics. For example, if you want to target the keyword “brown coats,” and target the entire state of Virginia, each click will be much more expensive than targeting the key phrase “brown coats Richmond, VA,”, and targeting only Central, VA. That is a basic answer since the process is much more complicated.

Where can you advertise my company with PPC ads?

You can create ad campaigns for use all over the internet. Some of the most popular platforms are search engines and social media including:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok


Determining which one will work the best is the difficult part. You have to research your target market and audience, then test the ads to see what ad copy and creative works the best.

I see your office is in the Richmond Metro Area. Can you run ad campaigns for my business if it's outside the city?

Yes, we can. That’s the beauty of working over the Internet. We can run ad campaigns for any small business in Virginia, as long as the proper research, prep, and optimization have been completed. Thankfully, we do that for every business that chooses to work with us.

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