Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels That Will Grow Your Business In Richmond, VA

Aren’t sure what a sales funnel is? A custom sales funnel guides your website visitors toward becoming buyers, and then lifelong customers.

A Message From The Owner About Sales Funnels

This is Michael, the owner of M.J. Web Design. I’d like to introduce myself and discuss what you will find on the page. So, welcome to our marketing page about sales funnels. If you’re unsure whether you’re in the right place I understand, it sucks to be a business owner and struggle with marketing!

But, you found the right digital marketing agency in Richmond, VA, that works with sales funnels, and this page will educate you on how sales funnels can accelerate your digital marketing and sales to new heights.

But, I don’t want to take up any more of your time. In the next section, we will discuss the types of business owners who can benefit from a sales funnel. Let’s go.

Sales Funnels

Why All Small Business Owners In RVA Need A Sales Funnel

In this section we will go over the difficulties small business owners have trying to advertise without a sales funnel.

What Is A Sales Funnel? How Can It Help Your RVA Small Business?

  • Steamlined

    A sales funnel will streamline your customer's journey and let you know exactly where they are so you can feed them the right advertising that helps them decide to make a purchase.

  • Sorts Your Leads

    Sales funnels help you segment off groups of potential customers that are your most qualified leads, which means you won't be wasting your time on prospects far from ready to make a purchase.

  • Allocation of Resources

    When you have a sales funnel in place you can allocate resources where they are most likely to make an effect, such as advertising more to potential customers who are close to making a decision.

  • Better Measurement

    Funnels allow a marketer to work smarter, not harder. With heavy testing you can figure out your target audiences behavior on different platforms. This allows you to build awareness in the places they are located. No more shots in the dark.

  • Improved Targeting

    The sales funnel is split into different segments including awareness, consideration, conversion, and retention. Each is a different part of the customer journey. When you segment your customers into these groups, you can advertise to them with the proper ad copy and creatives to help push them to the next level. The goal is to make them a customer for life.

  • More Money and Loyalty!!!

    Because you can more easily push potential customers towards conversion, the number of leads and money you obtain will increase. Plus, because you customized your message to the audience, they are more likely to make follow up purchases and remain loyal.

A team of digital marketers celebrating the implementation of a successful sales funnel.
A sales funnel is like having a team of sales people, and each one guides your potential customers towards making a purchase.

How Does It Feel To Have A Sales Funnel Build And Managed By M.J. Web Design?

Relieves Stress

Testing sales funnels can take time and be frustrating. Let us remove the stress by doing all the research, A/B testing, and implementation.

A sales funnel drawn on a chalkboard.

Qualified Leads

Imagine M.J. Web Design has gone through the struggle of testing a sales funnel and you are given a list of highly qualified leads to sell to?


When we are creating sales funnels for your products and services, it will be highly automated. It's as if you aren't even working to sell!

More Time!

Time is of the essence. Imagine if all your marketing and funnels were automated. Oh, how much more time you will have to devote elsewhere!

Free Sales Funnel Strategy Session

A free 60-minute strategy session could make or break your marketing success.

Sales Funnel Services For Businesses In Richmond, VA

Our sales funnel service contains all parts of the sales funnel. We don’t cut any corners!

Strategy Session & Branding Forms

M.J. Web Design offers any business owner, website user, nonprofit, etc. a FREE 60 minute strategy session. You can sit down with the owner over coffee or ZOOM, and we will learn who you are, what kind of business or organization you run, and what your goals are. This is imperative to starting our relationship off great. After we meet, you will receive a link to fill out the business branding forms. This is where we will gather more expansive information on your business and brand.

Sales Funnel Research

The second stage of the process is where we research your competition, target audience, and where to find your ideal customer. We go well beyond many other marketing agencies who provide sales funnel services. We're going to to use software that lets us spy on your competitors ads, find out where they are advertising the most, and we will "hack" their sales funnels. That means we will go through your competitors customer journeys to find out what is making them successful.

Create A Lead Generating Offer

A lead generating offer is vital to obtaining subscribers and leads. Consider this a stepping stone where you can warm up cold traffic and start forming a relationship with them. Most of the time this is a free downloadable pdf. It can be a how-to guide, information on a product or service, or even a coupon for future use. The ultimate goal is to start building a subscriber list or list of leads. They are technically the same thing based on what we're going to do next. This is usually done through a website or popup.

Build A Subscriber List

Your lead generating offer is what brings in subscribers. Have you ever wondered why you receive email from companies and you have not bought anything yet. Maybe you visited their blog and signed up for further information. This is the list that will make you tons of cash in the future. It's also a failsafe if your business starts to have issues. This list is where you build relationships and show off your expertise to your target audience. You can then advertise products to these customers and move them on to more expensive products as time goes on.

Set Up A Pre-Frame Bridge

A Pre-Frame bridge technically qualifies your customers. It's your ads and posts the traffic will click on to go to the next step of your funnel. You can set up three separate ads that target each time of traffic you have. But, we usually start with a cold traffic pre-frame bridge. This means your ad will be more about telling your audience about the problem they have. For example, if you're selling a supplement, we target people with the ailments the supplement fixes. They are cold traffic because they don't yet know your solution exists.

Design Landing Pages

Landing pages are web pages separate from your main website. For example, SEO is good for ranking a website, but a website rarely sells. When we attach a lead generating offer to a website, the customer will go into your subscriber list. Then they will receive your pre-frame bridge and be enticed to make a purchase on a landing page. The landing page is a sales page specifically designed to sell a product or service. Usually the first landing page is the cheapest product or service you offer. For some service based industries the landing page will be about "changing the sales environement."

Set Up Conversion Tracking Tools

Before your sales funnel goes live and we start pushing traffic to it, we will set up your analytics and conversion tracking tools. This is any analytics for social media platforms, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. This way, we can measure if people are responding to your posts/ads, getting to your landing page, and then we can track whether they are reading the page or leaving.

Expand The Value Ladder

Expanding the value ladder is what increases your customers brand loyalty and your business's money making power. The value ladder is a set of products or services that start at a free offer and go up in price. When subscribers become customers, they start the process of moving up your value ladder. Each step of the ladder gets more expensive and makes you more money.

Build A Follow Up Funnel

Follow up funnels are what move your customers along the value ladder. These are separate funnels with their own unique landing pages. Once a subscriber has become a customer and made a purchase at the end of your first funnel, they get put into a follow up funnel. This funnel contains a special pre-frame bridge designed to warm them up to make a more expensive purchase from your business.

Get Your Sales Funnel Started In 3 Easy Steps

Sales Funnel FAQs:

If you don’t see the answer to your question, contact us.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a set of steps designed to capture website visitors’ information, and then take them on a journey from being a prospect to making a purchase. Sales funnels come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on the industry it could have 3 steps or 10.

How much does a sales funnel cost?

Business owners can create their own sales funnels at a low cost. You would only need to pay for the website and email marketing platforms. However, the time it takes to learn how to set one up, split test every step of the funnel, and pay for ads can be a lot for a busy business owner to handle. This is why we offer a sales funnel service.

Do sales funnels actually work?

Here are some statistics proving sales funnels work:

  • 67% of businesses use lead nurturing (lead generators and relationship building) to drive their funnels.
  • 79% of leads don’t become customers if they aren’t nurtured in a funnel.
  • 96% of website visitors aren’t ready to buy and need nurturing through a sales funnel.
  • Companies with a well-defined funnel and customer journey have a 36% higher customer retention rate.
  • The average closing rate for a company with a sales funnel is 6 times higher than businesses without one.

These are just a few of the statistics that show sales funnels can bring a business great success.

I see your office is in Richmond, VA. Can you build my sales funnel if my business is elswhere?

Yes, we can. That is the beauty of digital marketing because it’s done on the internet. We’re able to research multiple industries around the country and produce the same results as if you’re business was right next door. However, collaboration is easier if you’re local to RVA.

What industries have you built funnels for?

Some of our clients are currently going through the sales funnel-building process. But, we’ve built funnels for ourselves, pest control companies, contractors, caterers, senior care advisors, and more. The success of a sales funnel comes from expansive research and testing.  

I have a service based industry, how can a sales funnel work for me?

Let’s say you’re an interior designer and you need to be in the space to make a sale. It’s hard to judge the cost of a project like that so the funnel we described above would be tweaked. Your website could offer a downloadable PDF guide on “how to design a suitable living space for a family with kids.” You would then capture information and send your subscribers to a landing page that promotes a free meeting with you at the space. Sales funnels can truly be tweaked for any industry.

How does a sales funnel fit with search engine optimization, paid ads, and other digital marketing services?

Sales funnels are just one of the different parts of a business’s marketing framework you need to have success. Let’s say you have a sales funnel set up. Without SEO and a good social media presence, you won’t have people on your website to download your lead generators. Without some form of ad budget, you won’t be able to more quickly send people straight to your landing pages. Finally, email marketing is what nurtures leads and moves them through the journey of becoming a customer. All the different parts work together.

What if I want you guys to manage my sales funnel?

No problem at all. M.J. Web Design doesn’t just design and build sales funnels, we maintain them as well. This means we will consistently come up with offers, send emails, manage the newsletter, segment the customers, and create follow-up funnels. Plus, need help coming up with new services to expand your selling power? We will help you do that as well and make sure you have an awesome value ladder.

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