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A Quick Message About Social Media Management

Hello site users! This is Michael, the owner of M.J. Web Design. I know web design is in the name, but we’re also a digital marketing agency in Richmond, VA. If you have not viewed any of the other pages on the site, then I’m just letting you know I like to introduce you to the service page and what to expect. So, if you’re having any social media problems, or want to start your business’s social media presence right, you’re in the right place. We specialize in websites and marketing to make sure those websites get traffic and generate leads and sales for your business.

This is what I hear from a lot of small business owners about their social media. “It is worthless and I don’t get any sales from it. So, I gave up.” Or they say, “social media doesn’t work.” Well, I’m here to say it can and does work, but you have to use social media the right way.

Many business owners use social media for the wrong reason. Over the next few sections on this page, we will go over what business owners are doing wrong with social media, and how M.J. Web Design can help you go in the right direction. Let’s get started.

Social Media Management Richmond VA
Do you ever feel like this when you look at your social media following?

Why Business Owners Fail On Social Media

In this section, we’re going to discuss why small business owners who try to do their own marketing on social media fail.

Social Media Management With M.J. Web Design

Here’s what happens when you ask M.J. Web Design for help with social media management.

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More Growth

Our expertise allows us to adjust your salsey social media strategy and convert it into one based on value and create a journey that takes your social media followers on the path to becoming a customer.

A man holding a sign that says qualified leads. When you retain our PPC ad services you will receive higher quality leads.

Less Stress + More Time

We've been creating content for small business owners for years. We have worked with multiple industries and when you don't have to create content all the time, you're going to save time and have less stress.

A woman holding 100 dollar bills. Business owners who use PPC advertising get quick leads and a higher return on investment.

Consistent Branding

Social media is all about expanding your brand and following. We will make sure your brand is consistent across the web and that it's promoting value. It's that value vs. sales that will get people to follow you.

Analysis & Adaptation

Every industry has its specific audience. That audience has needs. We will engage your following, analyze the data, and determine what will promote more reach, sharing, and engagement. Interaction = even more growth.

What You Receive With Our Social Media Management Service

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Great Reviews From Our Clients

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Free Social Media Management Strategy Session

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The Social Media Platforms We Have Experience Managing

M.J. Web Design has managed multiple social media platforms for clients and ourselves. This list will detail what each one is best used for.


It costs $0 to start a Facebook page and post around on an infinite number of groups where people can be exposed to your brand. There are a lot of people who see it as a dying platform, and if your target audience are Gen Z, it probably isn't the best one to reach your target audience. But, for any industry that provides services and wants to add value to people's lives, it's still an awesome platform to use.

Google Business Profile

Not necessarily a social media profile, but it is an online profile that is vital for your company to have. Google prefers to promote businesses that have a well rounded local profile, and it's beneficial if your website's SEO is not very advanced you will want a localized presence. Even better, it's completely FREE. The Google Business Profile will require regular tracking, and posting to increase rankings and your business's exposure.


Instagram is the leading photo based social media platform. It's excellent for entertaining your audience and expanding your business's message. Whereas Facebook is better for longer written content with imagery, Instagram shines when you take photos and unique videos. To get the most exposure business's will want to use Instagram REELS. The algorithm works through regular posting, hashtags, and having content that's shared.


LinkedIn is a professional social network. It's great for building yourself, your business, and your employees as leaders in your industry. There are plenty of long text posts and LinkedIn is a great place to post shortened versions of your blog posts. With more than 61 million companies on LinkedIn, it's a great way to obtain a following for B2B companies.


YouTube is owned by Google and has it's own SEO optimization. YouTube isn't necessarily a social media platform, but it's a great way to expand your brand and obtain a dedicated list of subscribers. M.J. Web Design actually runs a YouTube channel called Everything Funny Compilations that has garnered well over 100,000 views in under a month.


If you have a younger audience TikTok is a great social media option for your business. Most TikTok users are between the ages of 10 - 29, and there are over 1 billion active TikTok users. TikTok has amazing video editing abilities built into the platform, and you can boost videos for a small price to gain excellent exposure and followers. It's an awesome way to lead people into a sales funnel.


Reddit is a forum with over 3 million subreddits you can use to reach your target audience. A lot of people use reddit for snarky comments, but that doesn't mean you can't gain a following on Reddit and use it to get traffic into your marketing funnels. Reddit has over 52 million daily users and is where a lot of content that goes viral gets it's first attention. One post that goes viral can increase your business's revenue a ton.

Twitter (X)

X, formerly known as Twitter launched in 2006 and the United States is the country with the most X users. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans uses Twitter daily, so your business will benefit from having a profile on X. How can we use Twitter to expand your business? Like all the other profiles we will create value through offers in exchange for users to become followers. We will post the content that usually does the best on Twitter: conversational content, latest news, and polarizing ideas.


Pinterest is great for companies that sell physical products. In fact research shows Pinterest followers are 7x more likely to purchase from your brand if they pinned that product. Pinterest currently has over 400 million users, the average age of a Pinterest user is 40, and 77% of users are women. An even cooler statistic is that 80% of mothers are reached by Pinterest, wow. Oh, and Pinterest users spend 80% more than people on other platforms.

Improve Your Social Media In 3 Easy Steps

Social Media Management FAQs:

If you don’t see the answer to your question, contact us.

Where do you provide social management services?

Our web design and digital marketing agency is located in Richmond, VA, and we can provide social media management to any small business in Richmond and the surrounding areas. Thanks to the internet, we can also do basic social media management for companies around the country. 

How much does a social media management cost?

This varies based on the size and scope of the social media management. The cost will increase based on the number of profiles being managed and the number of posts created each week. If you Google the “average cost of a social media management service,” the monthly retainer fees vary from $250 – $5,000 per month.

What exactly is social media management?

A social media manager can be an internal employee or a third-party service that’s hired to manage your social media. A social media manager will research and analyze your target audience, determine what social media platforms they are active on, and create content designed to develop a following for the business. 

If people contact me on social media will you respond?

Yes, but this is your choice. A high-quality social media manager can answer people’s questions on your behalf. We have found that many business owners would rather be shown how to speak with their followers themselves since a third party might not have all the answers.

If i hire you to manage my social media, do I still have to post?

You do not. We will do the research, create the content, and post it on your social media. The cost goes up based on how many posts you want each week, so if you want to save money we can consult with you and teach you to post on the days we do not. We all want to save money where we can, but a lot of social media platforms do give more exposure to brands that post daily. 

How often will you post on social media?

We have different packages that offer a certain number of posts each week. All our social media packages come with the services listed above and the number of posts is what makes up the difference in costs. Here’s something cool though. Our most basic social media management plan comes free with our SEO service so definitely check that out.

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