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As A Local Direct Response Digital Marketing Agency We Design Sales Funnels That Keep Leads Coming

Our Digital Marketing is unique among the agencies in Richmond, VA. We concentrate on developing custom, direct response sales funnels to get you clicks, leads, subscribers, and buyers.

Have You Heard Of Direct Response Digital Marketing?

Hi everyone. This is Michael Dors, the CEO of M.J. Web Design. If you don’t read anything else on this page, just hear me out for this. Have you ever thought about how your company is reaching its target audience? There is a huge problem with the Digital Marketing industry because people are stuck in old ways. Too often, agencies collect your money for ads and labor, then simply advertise to the masses. 

Unfortunately, this falls on deaf ears. How often do you need a dentist and respond to the first one advertised on the radio? Or, how often do you choose the first restaurant that advertises on your social media feed? The traditional way of marketing is DEAD, and it’s causing companies to pay hundreds for a social media company, an SEO agency, and sometimes a separate company for pay-per-click ads. 

But, there’s a solution. My company is a “Direct Response, Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency”. What that means, is that when you have us market your company, we don’t just send ads to the masses. We start small, analyze different segments of your audience who are LOOKING FOR YOU, create lead generation magnets, and directly cause “responses”, by funneling them to you.

Every marketing campaign we create is split-tested little by little to find the best response, only after we have one that will create your success, do we recommend spending more money on ads. Keep reading if you would like to dive further into our direct-response digital marketing strategies.

Before You Keep Reading, I Want You to Know We Truly Care About You and Your Business

The Problem With Traditional Digital Marketing Practices

Traditionally, companies have a social media presence, SEO rankings, paid ads, and a homepage they push the customers too. This is where we find the start of the problem. Your web designer didn’t build the website for direct response marketing strategies, SEO specialists get you to the top but don’t create lead generators and follow up funnels, and standard marketing through social media and ads is ignoring lead capture and follow up.

Potential Customers Get Confused

When you push EVERYONE to your homepage, they get confused and it promotes them to “shop around”. They might not be sure what service you offer is best, so they leave the website and check out the next website on Google (here is the SEO only problem).

You Aren't Capturing People's Emotions

A website that says “we do this, and this, oh and this, so you need us”, isn’t the way to advertise. It makes you NO DIFFERENT than the competitor doing the exact same thing. Plus, marketing doesn’t work as well when a company tells you that you NEED them. Better marketing makes your audience WANT your services.

Digital Marketing Richmond VA
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Essentially, Traditional Digital Marketing Gives Your Audience Too Many Options, And It's LEAVING TONS OF MONEY On The Table

Digital Marketing Richmond, VA

The Problem With Traditional Digital Marketing Strategies

Poor Audience Targeting

Many agencies collect money and set up ads for the masses. This is because they are ignoring the fact that NO BUSINESS’S TARGET AUDIENCE IS EVERYONE. Do you have the same needs as Joe down the block? 

Copying Big Business Strategies

Many marketing companies look at large competitors and copy their advertising campaigns. Why is this bad? Large companies have the money to target millions of people. Small business owners do not. Your ads won’t even show up.

Only Relying On One Medium

There’s nothing wrong with finding the platform that works best. But if you are paying for top SEO rankings and people aren’t calling, signing up, or buying from your website. Than you have a problem!

There's No Follow Up Funnel

Do you ever think about all those people who leave your website and don’t call? SEO has an average conversion rate of 3 per 100 visitors. But the other 97 aren’t even being advertised too after. 

Let us do the online marketing so you have more time to manage the business.

More clients means more money.



Regular Reporting

"There Are 10 Rules For Direct Response Marketing" Dan Kennedy... The Father Of Direct Response Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing With A Direct Response Strategy Here In Richmond, VA

Here's The Direct Response Digital Marketing Solutions

Here is a Website we created for a client. Every website we build is built with Direct Response Digital Marketing strategies built in.

Direct Response Web Design Vs. One That's Just Pretty

All business owners know they need a website. It’s your online storefront. Even brick-and-mortar stores need one in 2022. But, when you hire a web designer, they ask basic questions about your branding, what you sell, and then they build the website. What you get is beautiful, but it’s devoid of website copy that invokes emotion in a specific target audience! We have tons of clients who need digital marketing and didn’t know just because they have a website, doesn’t mean people will find it. Direct Response requires stronger calls to action, better offers, popups, hidden sales pages, fast speed, and more.

A graphic showing the word keyword. Search Engine Optimization is the practice of ranking your website for phrases people type into Google.

Search Engine Optimization With Direct Response Copy

We’ve seen many clients who paid thousands for a website and then hire an SEO specialist to optimize it for search engines. They pay $500-$1000 a month for an SEO agency who promises to rank them at the top of Google over time. But, here’s the problem. How often do you click on the top few websites and immediately subscribe or buy? If you didn’t do anything to subscribe, get more information, call, or submit your email, SEO alone is not capturing all the possible business. The direct response website will win. How does Direct Response SEO work? We write copy and headlines designed to make you WANT that first website you clicked on.

Social Media is a need aspect of Digital Marketing for your Richmond, VA business.

Social Media Posts And Advertisements

Direct Response Digital Marketing strategies transcend your entire online presence. Check out the above photo. That’s the exact cover photo on our Facebook page. What makes it unique? It’s not just a graphic, logo, or photo of our business. It’s a graphic with text “Directly telling you to sign up for our newsletter with a click to subscribe button”. The photo leads to a special sign up page where we capture leads without sending them to a website with a million different options. Each post, ad, or info graphic has to be set up to get you their information!

Digital Marketing strategies need to be created through targeting a specific audience here in Richmond, VA.

The Direct Response Digital Marketing Audience

You have to get into the nitty-gritty when it comes to target audiences. The company that has the most money, is the one who’s ads are seen. You can’t compete with Geek Squad if you’re a local computer guy. If you try to advertise the same way, it will fall on deaf ears. Yes, everyone might need your product or service, but it doesn’t MEAN THEY WANT IT RIGHT NOW. A direct response marketing strategy identifies your target customer right down to when they get up in the morning, what they do during the day, and what makes them emotionally need you, and then you target them and sell them on special pages (see direct response web design above). But, what makes this form of digital marketing unique, is we set things up to consistently follow up with them. 

A woman with question marks over her head. When you create a digital marketing strategy your customers can't have too many options.

Too Many Options For Your Target Customers

Let’s say you’re a realtor and the target customers who use your services the most are “25 – 35 years old, are recently married, live locally, and have new careers. Oh, and they make around 8ok a year between them. They have a baby on the way, and the husband works 8 – 7 PM while the wife works just as much. But, she will be on maternity leave soon.” You may be a realtor but you have SO many houses on your website, 4 separate service pages on your website, and your ad sends them to the homepage. Now they are shown how amazing you are, and how many houses you have listed, and they know you sell new homes, resell, do open houses, and more. But where do they start? Direct Response would write an ad tailored to that audience, and then send them to ONE SALES PAGE to SELL THE HOUSE THEY WANT TO BUY.

Different offers you can use as a Digital Marketer to create leads.

Million Dollar Offers & Irresistible Lead Generators

The ALL TIME- BIGGEST MISTAKE, you can make as a business owner is not offering, or having your agency help you create what’s called a “million dollar offer”. We all hope it’s going to make a million-dollars. But what it is, is an offer so great people will give you their contact information in return for it. This allows you to build a list of potential customers by capturing their info. A digital marketer trained in direct response marketing can take these people and set up follow-up funnels that keep you on their radar. Those potential customers will receive regular emails, coupons, and items they download. That means if they continue shopping around, you’re showing up consistently as the industry leader. Who do you think they will choose a couple of months down the road when they are ready to buy?

A plate on a desk with the term direct response marketing on it. Digital Marketing agencies need to market directly to an audience.

Digital Marketing In Richmond, VA

Here's Some Direct Response Digital Marketing Headlines In Action

Let’s say you are a CPA.

“How to lower what you owe in taxes in as little as 2 weeks… even if you don’t know the first thing about taxes! Click here to get the FREE informative PDF”.

Or, maybe you own a restaurant?

“Parent’s listen up! Here’s the perfect and healthy solution if you want to feed your family amazing _______ cuisine. Dinner for four is 10% off until next FRIDAY! Limited Time Offer”.

Are you a dentist? 

“How any dentist can get more patients using this one SIMPLE advertising strategy in under 1 month”.


Real Estate Agents?

“For a LIMITED TIME, get our $50.00 bundle on “Selling your house for PROFIT in a terrible market”, for FREE. Deal ends Oct. 1st, click here to get it NOW”.

Computer Repair & IT Support?

“The unbelievably easy way to get your computer fixed TODAY at 10% off. 10% off ends NOV 8th. Call Now!”

We Don't Do Digital Marketing The Same Way As Everyone Else In Richmond, VA.

It’s our goal to make you feel like your digital marketing is working. Do you want a company that’s highly engaging and almost weird at how in depth they will go to find the best target audience who will buy your goods and services?

Free Consultation

We want to meet you, and even if you aren’t ready to make the switch, you will receive tons of free information on your business and how direct response digital marketing can help. At your free 30 minute session, we will learn about your business and your goals. 

Business Info Forms

We take very in-depth notes, but our intake forms are designed to really get to know your business. When you are setting up digital marketing campaigns, it has to be for the people you wish to sell too. That’s why we want to know all about your customers and target audience.

Discovery Time

Once we get all of the information necessary, we aren’t done preparing. At this point, we research and discover the places where your target audience is “hanging out”. Remember, if your target audience is 65 and older individuals, they prob aren’t on Google.

Lead Generating Offer

Now that we know who your target audience is, and where they are going to be reached, it’s time to create your lead-generating offer. We will sit down with you and discuss awesome ways you can provide your potential customers something they can’t say no to.

Ad Crafting And Set Up

Now that we know the audience and have a lead-generating offer it’s time to set everything up. That could mean changing your website copy, adding a lead-generating popup, creating special sales pages, or creating those headlines and social media ads.

Testing And Going Live

Once everything is set up and ready to go. It’s time to test the campaign and see what kind of response we get. We will split test and rework things until we get it right, and then launch with the full ad budget. Unless there’s a return on investment, we don’t consider the campaign a success.

Digital Marketing Is Done Best With These Tools

When you’re trying to market a business online, there are certain tools and systems you have to use to analyze competitors and target audiences in order to properly structure an ad campaign. Here are some of the tools we use.

"We Ran One Ad At $20.00 For Testing And Made Over $400.00 A Month From A Subscription" - M.J. Web Design Client

Some Great Startups & Businesses We Have Worked With.

Direct Response Digital Marketing Is A Strategy That Transcends All Types Of Businesses

M.J. Web Design client Greenshield Pest Control Official Logo
M.J. Web Design client The Locksmith Agency Official Logo
M.J. Web Design client Cantartos Mexican Restaurant Logo
M.J. Web Design client Coastal Adjustment Group Official Logo
M.J. Web Design client All Computer Needs Official Logo

"M.J web design was very helpful in getting my website up and running. I started with just doing a new web design then added their services as well. I will recommend M.J Web Design over any other company. I am very happy with their hard work."

Christopher Hall 

Owner of All Computer Needs

A headshot of Julia Wilkes, she was one of the first M.J. Web Design clients.

"Mike at M.J. Web Design is great to work with and had some amazing suggestions for my site. He is completely trustworthy and guarantees your happiness. Couldn't have worked with a better person.."

Julie Wilkes

Owner of Road Runner Tours & Travel

The owner of Happier Space RVA, Athena Conte. She met with M.J. Web Design and received a complimentary website audit.

"I reached out to M. J. Web Design to consider website improvements and Google search optimizations for Happier Space. Michael did a thorough, complimentary audit and analysis, providing me with wonderful insight."

Athena Conte

Owner of Happier Space RVA

Our digital marketing services are easy to obtain.

It's our goal to make it easy for you.

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Digital Marketing in Richmond VA

Why We Help Business Owners

At M.J. Web Design we know you’re the kind of person who wants to be successful. You want to have a business that affords you time and provides a stable but growing list of clients. 

In order to be that way, you need a professionally created digital marketing campaign so your startup or small business grows and continues to increase profits.

The problem is most business owners aren’t professional marketers, and creating your own marketing campaigns can cause frustration or confusion about the direction to take.

We believe it’s terrible new (or existing) small business owners should ever feel that way because everyone deserves success. 

We understand how those feelings hurt. We were starting once and had to do the exact same thing! But we researched our markets, put in the hours, and are now successful.

Here’s how it works: just give us a call, get a FREE meeting, we’ll design a strategy and funnel, then put it in action. That way you can stop feeling frustrated or confused about the growth and direction of your business.

Start feeling relaxed, free, and proud of your business growth:)

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Some business people throwing paper in the air out of happiness. It's M.J. Web Design's goal to increase your success and make you happy with your business.

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