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Logo Designers In Richmond, VA | Small Business Logos

Would You Like A Professional Logo For Your Small Business That Makes People Remember You?

M.J. Web Design provides professional and custom graphic design services for your business. It’s our goal to create solid logos that represent your brand. 

Ever Realize How Using A Free Logo Maker Might Be Detrimental To Your Business?

Hello everyone visiting our official logo and graphic design page. This is Michael, the owner of M.J. Web Design and on each page of our site I write this quick introduction to say hi, tell you about us, and how we can assist your small business with designing its first (or next) logo. But let’s quickly touch on the dangers of DIY graphic design.

The purpose of a logo is to portray the values and emotions the company represents to its target audience, and you want that brand to stick out. That can be difficult to achieve when you use a free logo maker you found online. Many of these logo makers lack certain features and design elements that would make your logo stand out from the crowd. You have to think about the fact that if you are considering doing it, many others are as well, and that means they could be using the same free design elements. 

M.J. Web Design has been doing graphic design and image creation for years… and years…. and years. Although I created the company three years ago, I’ve been creating graphics and artwork for video games and other print materials since I was young. With experience using Adobe Illustrator, Corel, and Canva, I’m sure we can create a logo you will be proud of, and will make your small business stand out among the rest here in Richmond, VA.

The Problems With Do It Yourself Logo Design

Logo Designers In Richmond VA

Paying Less Sounds Good

It’s true free logo makers are much cheaper than hiring a graphic designer. But 42% of consumers believe a logo communicates your brand’s personality. If you don’t know how to portray emotions using graphics, it might be best to hire someone.

A graphic showing an X over top of a logo. This represents how people will dislike your company if your logo is ugly.

People Avoid You

People like to be around things they find attractive. It’s an unavoidable fact. Recent studies have shown 60% of consumers will avoid a brand if they find the logo odd, ugly, or unappealing, even if the company’s brand has tons of positive reviews.

A computer, drawing pad, and stylus. There are some color swatches as well. This represents a graphic designers work station.

Logos Are Artwork

The first modern business logos were created in the early 1900s when mass print marketing became exploded. Although logos are now created digitally, 78% of consumers believe logos are art. If you’re not the creative type, DIY logos won’t work well.

So How Is Logo Creation With M.J. Web Design
Good For Your Business?

When you work with our company on any project, we will ask a ton of questions about your business, its goals, and your target audience. It’s a lot but we aren’t doing it to be annoying. Because we aren’t just going online, looking at a competitor, and spitting out a generic logo. It has to have the right color scheme, style, and emotion to relate to your audience. 

We’re a small and local web design/digital marketing agency. That means when you hire us to design your logo and other graphics, you aren’t going to speak with a salesman first, then a project manager, and a designer. Only one person will work with you at a time, and you will have personal access to their email. It’s true 1:1 attention to detail.

A lot of companies will nickel and dime you but that’s not our style. We like to package EVERYTHING together because we believe small business owners need to get everything set up. Piecing things together over time is difficult. If you’re starting a new business and need a website, your brand-new logo is going to come with it.

Many graphic designers use Canva for “basic” edits and additions to a design, but it’s rare. Most of the time, DIY logo makers don’t have the same level of control or quality as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Creativity is our passion, and whether it’s sketching out the initial design, drawing it on the tablet, or creating in Adobe, we want it to be custom and unique.

Roadrunner Tours & Travel official logo. They are a local client to Richmond, VA of M.J. Web Design.

We Love This Logo

A couple of years ago, we were retained by a lifelong tour operator to design a logo for her new business. She specialized in speedy but organized group tours around the country. We wanted to capture her audience with imagery that said fast, fun, but efficient. Just like the Roadrunner.

  • We helped her develop her brand through a specific earthy theme that screamed travel.
  • Her target audience are groups of retirees who wanted their group travel plans done efficiently and with incredible customer service.
  • But their goals were fun, knowledge, and a great social atmosphere.
With those goals in mind, we put together a logo that would remind her audience of their youth. But, would also portray her brand as fast, efficient, and fun.

Some Great Startups & Businesses In Richmond, VA, M.J. Web Design Has Worked With.

We Work With a Range of Different Business Types

M.J. Web Design client Greenshield Pest Control Official Logo
Roadrunner Tours & Travel official logo. They are a local client to Richmond, VA of M.J. Web Design.
M.J. Web Design client The Locksmith Agency Official Logo
M.J. Web Design client Cantartos Mexican Restaurant Logo
M.J. Web Design client All Computer Needs Official Logo
M.J. Web Design client Coastal Adjustment Group Official Logo

How To Get Your New Logo

We Make It Easy For You

No one wants to work with a company that makes it complicated or doesn’t communicate.

Contact Us

  1. Make a phone call, send an email, or fill out our contact form.

Have a Meeting

2. We’ll schedule a free meeting to discuss your needs.

Create A Draft

3. We’ll work directly with you to design a logo that works for your business.

Start Seeing Results

4. Now you have the logo and comfort knowing it will take you forward!

Getting A Logo Designed And Joining Our Client Family

Why We Do What We Do

At M.J. Web Design we know you’re the kind of person who wants to be successful. You want to have a business that affords you time and provides a stable but growing income. 

In order to be that way, you need a professional logo so your startup or small business is memorable and portrays the right message to your audience.

“The problem is most new business owners aren’t professional graphic designers”.

This is tough because we all want to save money, especially when we start a personal brand or new business. But, how the consumer sees you is vital to your success, and that’s our goal for you. To make your brand successful.

We believe it’s terrible any new (or existing) small business owner should ever feel stressed. 

“Everyone Deserves Success”

M.J. Web Design understands how those feelings hurt. We were starting out once and had to do the exact same thing! But we researched our markets, put in the hours, and are now successful.

Here’s how it works: just give us a call, get a FREE meeting, we’ll create the plan, then put it in action. That way you can stop feeling frustrated or confused about the growth and direction of your business.

Start feeling relaxed, free, and successful:)

A chart with a green arrow pointing upwards.
Some business people throwing paper in the air out of happiness. It's M.J. Web Design's goal to increase your success and make you happy with your business.

Are You Ready To Discuss Your New Logo With A Free Meeting?

Logo Design FAQ: People Also Ask

If you have a questions about logos and don’t see them listed. Contact us here.

Yes we do! Because we work over the internet we can work with any business around the state of Virginia. You could be down the street or own a small business in Virginia Beach, but logo design remains the same. It may be a different market, but we will research that market and design something that makes your brand stand out from the crowd.

In the web design, SEO, and graphic design industry the best agencies don’t over promise. Those who promise too much don’t research enough or put the time into the design. Generally, we take around 2 – 4 weeks to finalize a logo. If we’re designing your logo along with your website the logo will be completed first because the website requires the branding materials and graphics.

That’s okay! When it comes to logo design we will keep going until the rough draft is heading in the right direction. Yes, it takes longer. But, we want you to be happy with your logo, and that’s what matters. 

Basic packages contain three different logos. A thumbnail design for icons and small placements, a horizontal design for headers and thin spaces, and a vertical design for large prints and bigger spaces on your website. If you want more than three designs, then that’s something we can discuss so we know exactly what you’re looking for.

Here’s a list of questions you can reverse engineer. We ask potential clients these questions to be sure we design a logo that works for you.

  1. What feelings best represent your company and its brand? What emotions do you want to convey?
  2. Have you researched logos online or seen any that resonate with you?
  3. What are your top 5 competitors?
  4. Are there any fonts that fit your brand?
  5. Do you want to feature a joke or gimmick?
  6. Does the design your looking for fit your budget?
  7. What colors do you want to use? 
  8. What market is going to be viewing this logo?
  9. Who is your target audience? What are your dream customers?
  10. Where will you be using your logo? Will it be on print, products, or just the website?

This company was designed so you only deal with one person. You won’t speak with a salesperson, then work with a project manager who has someone else doing the design. We have employees who assist and provide input, but you will speak with the owner of the company. You will even get his personal email and phone number.

Whenever we work with someone we sign an agreement stating we own ZERO rights to the logos and designs we create for you. If you need help applying for a trademark click the link here.

This one is crazy because logos are best used in specific places, using a specific format. We will provide your logo in png, jpg, svg, or webp format.