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Marketing Jobs Richmond VA

Stop Working for Scraps and Start Growing your Own Salary

M.J. Web Design provides web design and marketing jobs in Richmond, VA for those who are go getters. It’s our goal to provide a style of employment that allows our employees to grow their own salaries while utilizing our companies assets to market. 

Marketing Jobs Richmond VA

“Hey everyone. As someone who has worked for “the man”, I hate the corporate world. They expect you to work for a salary, barely give a bonus, hardly provide raises, and expect you to provide them with wealth. M.J. Web Design is designed to destroy that employment model.”

Michael D. Owner

I'm Michael! I Want to Provide You With a Unique Opportunity at a Unique Company

We're Not Like Other Marketing Agencies

Marketing companies in Richmond and around the country care about profits, and the employee salaries are the last expense greedy business owners think about.

There Are No Limits at Our Company

When you work at a company (I have myself), they limit you. You work years on end for other people, hopefully a yearly bonus, and tiny raises that don’t match inflation. 

Are You Frustrated Working at a Dead End Job?

You work on their time.

The corporate world works like this. They hire employees to work long hours and make them money. While the rest of the world gets a month off, you’re expected to have 7 days vacation a year and some sick days.


I myself have worked for multiple employers in the corporate world. It’s very frustrating when they tell you how amazing their company is, and you will grow. But you seem to have amazing ideas that get ignored.

You aren't making money.

Marketing agencies work just like all other companies. You work for a starting salary, you get hopefully a 5% raise a year, and a bonus or two. If you don’t get that promotion, you fall behind the rate of inflation.

You're not understood.

Life is difficult. It’s hard and it can be a struggle. Think about it. Why is the rest of the world able to provide a months worth of vacation days and business survives, but here you have to take those very few sick days for your mental health?

I Developed a Solution for Marketers and Web Designers

An advertisement for M.J. Web Design's marketing jobs in Richmond, VA featuring the owner Michael Dors.

How Marketing Jobs at M.J. Web Design Work

Here are the Benefits of Working With Us as a Web Designer or Marketer

Income is grown through commissions which means as a marketer you have the skills to bring in the clients and you get a commission of each project we sign on which means you keep growing and growing your income.

You get to choose the days and hours you work which provides you the freedom to control your life. Oh, and you get to work remotely.

Everyone at M.J. Web Design receives up to 30 days of vacation or sick time EVERY YEAR which means you don’t have to worry about stressful times hurting your job.

The company is growing so the more you earn and better you perform will get you to the front of the line for promotions and the leader of a team (and more money)..

These jobs in web design and internet marketing are a unique and new way to handle employment that you won’t find anywhere else. 

There's No Marketing Job Like it in Richmond, VA...or Anywhere

Entry Level Marketing Jobs

Mike the owner here! I’m going to tell you the truth. Anyone can work for my company as I don’t look for what most companies and leaders seek. You could be a current or newly graduated college student and I would still hire you. I’ll teach you all I know and help grow you into the professional you want to be. But I want work ethic, pride, and for you to value personal growth for yourself and the business. Our clients are our lifeblood, and they are what matter in the end.

Professional Marketers Looking For a Fresh Start

It’s Mike again! I started M.J. Web Design during the pandemic using skills I developed in the working world. I have created this new style of employment because I always want to be the best. So I’m looking to provide people who want to work in web design and marketing (or already have a job in marketing), a new opportunity. This style of employment makes my business your business, and you could grow your wealth beyond what any corporate raise will provide! I designed the job around freedom, so you can keep your day-to-day as you grow that income.

Marketing Jobs Richmond VA
A graphic showing how working as an affiliate marketer in Richmond, VA allows you to earn money easily.

Affiliate Marketing Jobs

Let’s say you don’t really have experience in marketing or web design. Maybe you just want the cash and commissions for promoting the company and bringing in clients. I offer the opportunity to become an affiliate marketer for M.J. Web Design and earn a monthly commission without having to be a professional web designer or internet marketer. Oh, and we provide all the branding materials and training!

One More Perk When You Join Our Team

As a business owner I’m always looking for new opportunities to provide for my team and those I work with. I want the best of the best to join my network, and it’s my goal to bring those who work hard for me and learn, into my network of other business opportunities. That way we can all maximize our wealth and passive income. I’m truly trying to change the world and I want YOU to come with me! 

What Does Our Company Do For Our Clients?

A marketer working on his computer with the Google homepage open.
Web Design

Our web designers use WordPress to create beautiful and custom websites for a clients business.

Design UX//UI

I've set up the entire process from receiving a clients intake information to having a website in place they will love.

Website Management

Along with designing a website. M.J. Web Design also maintains existing websites and keeps them optimized.

Social Media Marketing

Our marketing positions handle the management of social media and ad campaigns.

Google Ads

Google Ads are the best way we can get a client to the top of Google fast. Probably my favorite way to advertise.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is where we optimize a companies' website for key phrases customers are searching for.

Are You Ready for a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity? A Job Unlike Any Other.

I’ve had M.J. Web Design for over a year and a half now. I started and grew the company on my own through grit, marketing, and a plan I like to call “SIMPYL”. 

Like you, I just can’t be in the standard work environment anymore. Dealing with people who just “manage” me, control my time, and have me work for “their” profit while I scrape by. I enjoy the freedom business ownership and passive income provides and I want to extend this opportunity to those who want the same.

Lets’ recap.

You have the opportunity to use our assets to market and bring in clients. You are on a bracket of commission and the more you bring in, the more money you make.

Marketers at M.J. Web Design Richmond get to choose when they want to work. This means if you work better at night, go for it. Want to start at 11 so you can get your kids to school? Sounds good to me!

Everyone gets 30 days vacation or sick time. I have OCD and anxiety so I know what it’s like when jobs don’t try to work with your personal situations.

The company is growing and more clients are coming. I’m also creating permanent bonus incentives so employees have more ways to make money. I want to create the best marketing jobs around.

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