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Pest Control SEO & nEW wEB dESIGN pROJECT

Our SEO & web design services extend to pest control companies. Check out a pest control SEO success story here.

Project Focus: SEO

Platform: WordPress

Industry: Pest Control

Services: Ultimate SEO Package

Pest Control SEO Project Overview

A couple of years ago the manager of the local Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions branch reached out to M.J. Web Design with a problem. They had hired an SEO agency that was not local to Virginia and had some issues with them. 1) The agency was very hard to reach 2) Their website was not attractive and was thrown together and 3) Although they received tons of web traffic, they were not making any sales.

Upon further review of their situation, we decided they were going to need a full marketing framework. Their website had to be redesigned with a proper call-to-action, there would need to be some form of lead generator, the new website would need to be SEO optimized, and they would need some way to get clients while we improved their SEO rankings. It was going to take a lot of work. Little did we know, this would be the first M.J. Web Design client that required a full makeover and helped us birth our unique, value-based full SEO packages.

Pest Control SEO & Web Design
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The Problem With Their Previous SEO Agency

Faced with a website that wasn’t performing, the company began to search for SEO agencies to help. They landed on a company that was outside the state of Virginia and advertised how “cheap” they were. Unfortunately, this is a common problem for many businesses who aren’t aware of the intricacies involved with website design and search engine optimization.

In the end, they were taken advantage of. Besides the website having zero information on it, no call to action, no lead generator, site errors, and off fonts/color schemes, the company had performed SEO tactics can result in Google penalties.

 The agency in question will remain nameless, but they refused to allow the pest control company any control over their own website, wouldn’t share analytics or data, and were hard to get in touch with. They were shady. So M.J. Web Design started to do some research.

The website ranked very highly for a version of their brand name that wasn’t their company. The agency had rewritten its company name as “Greenshield Pest Control” instead of “Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions.” They then obtained hundreds of backlinks from spammy sources and ranked the company for the brand name of a pest control service in Canada!!!

To sum up the problems M.J. Web Design faced with this project, we will list them below.

  • The previous SEO agency/web designer used black hat SEO tactics to rank the website highly for a company that had tons of brand searches in a different country.
  • Google now recognized the company’s name to be a different entity.
  • Nobody called because all their traffic was way outside the local area.
  • The Google Business Profile had a different name than the company.
  • Their website had no call to action, no lead generator, and almost zero information on pest control.
  • Upon running a backlink analysis, half of the backlinks had a spam score of 50 or above.
  • Fonts and color schemes were unattractive and were resulting in a high bounce rate.

M.J. Web Design had its work cut out for it!

The Pest Control SEO and Website Redesign Solution

  • Research Local Pest Control Compeitors

    We can't start any search engine optimization project or website redesign without researching the local competition. Every industry has specific SEO and design parameters you want to follow. For example, you wouldn't SEO optimize the website for keywords that won't make you competitive in your local area, and you wouldn't design a pest control website to look like a law firm's website.

  • Keyword Research

    This step is extremely important. The SEO agency before we were hired messed with the brands name so they could rank the company for branded keywords that won't provide real sales. We researched the top keywords and phrases being typed into Google by users in Richmond, VA, and the surrounding areas. Then we decided what pages we would target those keywords with.

  • Write Content, Design & Build The Site

    Once we have collected enough research, we will need to write the SEO optimized content, wireframe the website, and then build it. The redesign will be fresh, modern, and fit the scheme of the local competition. The goal is make the website appear industry related but more beautiful and easier to use than the competitors' websites.

  • Fix The NAP (Name, Address, Phone)

    Since the previous SEO agency changed the name of the company, we had to make everything uniform across the web. We found local business databases that had the wrong business name and resubmitted the business's information. Then we made sure the business info was the same across their Google Business Profile and social media networks.

  • Expand The Online Presence

    After measuring the site's online ranking improvements, we submitted the website to more business databases that matched their industry, created every social media profile possible (even if the company wasn't using them), and submitted a single press release.

  • Review & Continued SEO Optimization

    We continue to optimize their website by 1) Adding content 2) Promoting blog articles 3) Posting to social media and Google Business Profile 4) Adding site features and 5) Backlink building. This has allowed the company to make major improvements and obtain regular leads from the local area. In the next section you can see the new website's design and the company's improved metrics.

The Newly Designed And SEO Optimized Pest Control Website

The Pest Control & SEO Project So Far:

Below are the completed steps and benefits the client is still receiving.

  • A redesigned website.

  • Regular website maintenance and management to ensure the website stays fast, their customers data is protected, and new content is added.

  • The website was fully optimized for SEO before launching to ensure the highest initial rankings on Google.

  • Ongoing SEO optimization through content additions, backlink outreach, content marketing, blogging, and social media posting.

  • Distribution of their business information to over 70 initial business databases with more being added regularly.

  • Local SEO optimization through their Google Business Profile.

  • Conversion optimization through regular reviews of their call to action, lead generators, and contact forms.

  • Free website and marketing consulting with their plan to be sure their personal business practices are helping to increase their ROI.

  • And More! Contact M.J. Web Design to see how you can receive this much value.

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