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Web Design & SEO For Pest Control Companies

M.J. Web Design’s pest control web design and SEO services have done wonders for our client Greenshield Pest Control. Read how their business has improved.

Introducing Our Web Design & SEO Client: Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions

Client Overview & The Problem:

Greenshield Pest Control is a local Pest Control company that provides services to customers all across Central, VA. About a year and a half ago they signed up to have their new website created and then SEO optimized. The company they hired created a very plain website that was UGLY, wasn’t set up properly for SEO and performed their SEO to try and steal website traffic from another company. They weren’t happy with the company because they could not be reached, their website traffic wasn’t converting into leads, and the company would not give them answers. 

What We Discovered:

The general manager found M.J. Web Design through a Google search and gave us a call. We set up a meeting and went to their office location to meet in person and learn what the problems were. After the meeting, we did some research into their situation before crafting a work proposal and SEO strategy.

  • We looked into the content and structure of the website and discovered it really didn’t speak to the customers’ needs. Second, the website was set up improperly for SEO and had broken links/other structural problems.
  • The design was hideous compared to their competitors in the area. This increases the rate at which people leave the website since 57% of people state they won’t purchase from an ugly website.
  •  There was NO clear call to action on the website. It merely told people to call.
  • THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WAS THEIR SEO: After looking at their keyword rankings, we discovered the web design/SEO company they had hired ranked their website for ONLY their branded keywords (meaning their company name), and all the Google searches were for a Greenshield Pest Control in Canada! All that regular traffic was for a large company in Canada and that’s why nobody was calling.

M.J. Web Design’s Solution:

Upon discovering the issue, writing up a proposal, and being retained by the Pest Control company we started working. The first thing to tackle was the website’s design and structure. We completely redesigned all the pages and created new pages for local locations and individual services. The page URLs were adjusted and linked together properly. Once that was complete, our next step was to rewrite all the content. Instead of merely stating what the company did, we started to write about how their potential clients would feel when they chose them for pest control solutions. The final step was continuing to optimize the website’s structure and content for SEO rankings. Over time their traffic began to come from local searches and not from another country. Then, the traffic and leads began to increase. Below is their Google Search Console comparison between before and after M.J. Web Design took on the project. Before the gallery below is their Google Search Console website traffic comparison. We allowed two months in between for setup time.

Pest Control Web Design

The Latest Greenshield Pest Control Website Design:

We’re still working on some of the pages that don’t have a lot of search traffic in the local area. But the images will give you an idea of what the pages looked like before we started working on the website.

Here's Some Of The Plugins And Software We Used To Design & Build The Pest Control Website

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