Real Estate Investor Web Design & Management Project

M.J. Web Design had the privilege to design an awesome website for a real estate investor with over $150 million in assets.

Focus: New Website Design

Platform: WordPress

Industry: Real Estate Investment

Services: Web Design & Management

Project Overview

Marwaha Investments is a real estate investor in Virginia that buys, sells, and manages commercial and residential properties. Their owner has had two websites designed and built through M.J. Web Design. Real Estate Investments was build using WordPress and uses the most popular trends in web design for property investment websites. The company has an in house marketing team but since M.J. Web Design developed the sites, we have been retained to manage the websites and save the company owner and office manager time.

Real Estate Investment Web Design & Website Management Project
The Marwaha Investment website is based on some of the most popular real estate investment sites but features and entirely custom design.

The Problem

Around two years ago Mr. Marwaha contacted us and set up a free strategy session to talk about a new website. The company had branding materials they wanted us to use but wanted custom photos taken of the properties they had invested in and owned. The company had a website for the property management side of the business so M.J. Web Design would have to get a new domain, and hosting, and then switch which website each domain was pointing to.

The Newly Designed Real Estate Investor's Website

Their Real Estate Investment Web Design & Site Management Solution

  • Gather Inspiration

    Before we begin designing a website, we search the internet for the industries latest trends. We collect the ones that are toward the top of the search results because if Google likes them it means people enjoy being on them.

  • Collect Content

    We went out to the property locations and took custom photos. Then we used the information from our client intake forms to write content for each page. Any page that we could not complete, the company wrote the content for and sent to us.

  • Wireframe the Website

    With all the information ready to go we started drawing up a wireframe on a marker board. With photos taken of the rough draft, we set up the wireframe on WordPress using the Elementor website builder.

  • Build the Site

    With our section and page templates ready to go, we plugged in the content and completed the website build. But, at this time the website was sitting in a staging area.

  • Connect Domains

    The company had another website. We purchased a new domain name for the property management website and connected it to their old website we were redesigning. Then we connected the new domain https://marwahainvestments.com to this website.

  • Review, Adjust, and Launch

    Everyone gets two drafts to review before a website is fully launched. At this point in the process the company used those reviews to make refinements before we launched the website. To this day two years later, we are still maintaining the website.

The Project So Far:

Below are the completed steps and benefits the client is still receiving.

  • A brand new website with a custom design

    We created the website's design from the ground up. We did not buy any templates or take any shortcuts. We researched the industries top-notch websites and utilized those features such as font-style, whitespace, and interactive features. However, the design is unique to this page.

  • Custom Photography

    M.J. Web Design can use stock photos, but we hate doing it. For this website we drove to the companies properties located in Petersburg, Hanover, and the City of Richmond and took custom photos. Then we edited the photos so they looked better before they went up on the website.

  • Hosting, Domain Name, and SSL

    There are no extra costs for these features. The purchase of the web design covers the cost of a years hosting, SSL certificate for security, all the website software, and a year of the domain name.

  • Ongoing Website Maintenance

    Every month we go in and update the website's software, check each page for errors, update the content per the client's request, check the forms to be sure they're working, clear out any junk files, reset the cache, and check the security. Then we write up a report so the client can see our work and we send it to them.

  • Specialty Maintenance

    Not only do they receive this basic monthly maintenance. We have quarterly and yearly maintenance checklists. On these checklists we provide suggestions to the client about what they could do with their website to improve it and consult with them about their sites traffic. This way if clients are doing their own marketing, they have help figuring out what could grow their site and business.

  • All Costs Covered

    Website's have yearly fees including hosting, security certificates, and domain names. When M.J. Web Design is retained to manage a website, not only will we save you time because you won't have to manage the site, we will cover all your yearly costs as well.

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