Real Estate Web Design & SEO Project

Check out how M.J. Web Design developed a new website for a local real estate agent and is currently SEO optimizing the site.

Focus: Lead Generation

Platform: WordPress

Industry: Real Estate

Services: Web Design & SEO

Project Overview

Real Estate Agent Daniel Harnsberger has worked with M.J. Web Design before. This is the second website Daniel has had us design for him. The first site was dedicated to helping his real estate business get involved in a specific real estate niche. However, M.J. Web Design didn’t do any SEO or marketing because the client had already put money into radio advertising. After exhausting those efforts Daniel reached out to have a new website built that wasn’t so niched out and we offered to design the website, perform SEO optimization, and manage the site. The new one is in the image below. The next section will detail the problems we solved and are currently resolving with his real estate business.

Real Estate Web Design
The new website is currently going through SEO optimization but you can check out the finished design.

The Problem

We all know the real estate industry’s job is to help you sell your home and purchase a new one, and your website’s design should reflect that goal. It’s the content that will help your business grow. The original website was dedicated to trying to fix problems specifically for people who sell their homes to wholesalers. But, this is such a small niche of people within the industry the real estate agent had a hard time finding leads, even though 10,000+ dollars were put into radio advertising. 

The original website was built by M.J. Web Design but the design was not able to live up to its beauty due to generalized advertising and no marketing services being performed by our web design agency. After the client did not renew the hosting plan he had purchased, the website disappeared and he gave up on trying to advertise in such a way to that teeny-tiny little niche of people who buy and sell real estate. He came back to us recently asking how we could help.

M.J. Web Design listened to his requests and stated what we thought would work better. Luckily, we had extensive notes from working with him the first time. Through our original research and work on a real estate website’s design, we knew this was an industry where people were only looking to become leads when they were faced with a moving situation. Whether it be buying your first home, family relocation, or expanding families, people don’t look extensively for a real estate agent until it’s time. 

If they need to sell their home fast they might contact a wholesaler but this number of people was way too small for a radio ad to work. We requested a new website be designed and built on our hosting, and we perform monthly SEO optimization on the site. This way we can start a blog that will target the keywords online that will help the client assist the niche of people he originally wanted, and expand his brand to everyone who requires the best real estate agent. He agreed and we set to work.

The Newly Designed Real Estate Agent's Website

Our Real Estate Web Design & SEO Solution

  • Spy on the Competition

    Every good web designer will spy on the competition and see what design trends are popular, which websites sit at the top of Google's search results, and how those websites are set up. With a list of our top 5 favorite competitors we set out to design a real estate website that looks great.

  • Design a Website From the Ground Up

    With our research completed, we started to note what sections we wanted to have on the homepage, other pages, etc. We create the URL structure, draw up a wireframe, and put page templates together on WordPress with dummy text and images.

  • Write Special Copy That Invokes Emotion

    Our ad copy is designed to create an emotional response. If you look at the website we made sure to include sections that highlight the biggest complaints people have about working with a real estate agent. Then, the website's content tells the reader the features and benefits of working with this agent. The website is not set up to just talk about the agent and his business.

The Project So Far:

Below are the completed steps and how the SEO optimization is progressing.

  • Excellent Speed & Health

    Our site audit metrics on SemRush are at 100%, while Google PageSpeed Insights shows the desktop site running at 99%. High speeds are excellent for keeping website visitors from leaving the site because it is taking too long to load.

  • The Website Was Audited

    Like every web design we complete, the site goes through content and design audits. We submit the site to be professionally edited for grammar and spelling, and we have focus groups from the target audience make sure the website's design and copy are appealing.

  • After Launch Initial Rankings Were Tracked

    This website was initially designed and written to rank for keywords like "real estate agent near me," or "best real estate agent in Richmond, VA." After launch and spending the first month making adjustments and setting up tracking we recognized each page had initial keyword rankings coming in that matched what we were targeting.

  • Rankings Are Going Up!!!

    The website was launched at the end of October and within two months the site is already on the second page of Google for our target keywords and phrases. This means we are ahead of schedule getting this real estate web design and SEO project profitable for our client.

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