Website Management

Website Management Services

What is website management?

Website management is a service provided by M.J. Web Design that saves you and your business time from having to update, add content, or optimize the businesses’ website.

How will M.J. Web Designs’ website management help my business?

  • You will receive a 24/7 website manager which means you don’t have to take time away from your business to work on the website.
  • You will have professionals managing your website which means you don’t have to worry if something breaks since we have experience fixing technical problems.
  • Since we’ll be adding your new content you don’t have to worry about the design looking amateurish.
  • We make sure to go through your website and optimize for mobile devices and other technologies which means your website will stay on top of the webs’ advances.
  • With each package, you receive web design consultations once a month which means you will get the best advice on making your business appear trustworthy online.
  • Each of our website management packages comes with a level of code and content optimization which means Google will rank your website higher.
  • The higher the level of website management you purchase for your company includes yearly renewals of your hosting which means you can take that $100+ annual renewal charge off your businesses’ books.
  • When professionals work on your website it’s more likely to convert website visitors into customers which means YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS WILL MAKE MORE MONEY!

We offer 3 different packages to fit your budget and 25% first-month discounts for signing up!

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