Pryor Technologies Custom/Silver SEO Plan


SEO Plan Details

1. Collect goals, research keywords, and set up all the necessary tracking, analytics, and
other marketing platforms we will be working with.

2. Go through the backend of the website and optimize it for speed and overall health on
Google’s reports, fix any technical SEO issues, and update website accessibility for 2023.

3. Begin work going through each of the steps on the SEO plan.

4. Simultaneous with #3. Work with the company to create a lead generator, special funnel,
and newsletter to go out monthly.

5. Set up a new content schedule for blog posts once a month.

6. Optional (I’m adding a paid ad campaign with two different ad sets to this silver plan). No
extra labor will be charged to research, strategize, test, and adjust. However, the ad
spend will be extra paid for by the client. The client understands success with paid ads
results in competition, the amount of the ad spent, and the effectiveness of the ad.
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7. Schedule a yearly press release when the website is ready.