Richards Paving Local SEO


M.J. Web Design is sending this work agreement to Richard’s Paving to detail our ongoing
project to revamp their website, Google Business Profile, and SEO to improve organic rankings in
their local service area, and then Richmond, VA as a whole. This is a local SEO agreement with
free website management included and social media management included. We will also create
Google Ads campaigns (the client can increase the budget at will), in an attempt to get faster
traffic and customers as we work on organic growth.

1. Collect goals, research keywords, and build the website based on the template
2. Revamp the website with new content, organization, and graphics.
3. Set up all the necessary tracking, analytics, and other marketing platforms we will be
working with (including professional Gmail).
4. Go through the backend of the website and optimize it for speed and overall health on
Google’s reports, fix any technical SEO issues, and update website accessibility for 2023.
5. Begin work going through each of the steps on the SEO plan.
6. Simultaneous with #3. Work with the company to create a lead generator and funnel.
7. Set up a new content schedule for blog posts once a month.
8. Schedule a yearly press release when the time is right.