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What Is Responsive Web Design And Why Is It Important?

Hello business owner! Mike here, the Owner of M.J. Web Design! I wanted to write the first section of each page and introduce you to the page’s topic (one day I’ll turn these into videos). But, have you heard of responsive web design? Do you know what it is and why it’s important to your business? 

If not, then let’s get started. A responsive website is vital to the success of your business or non-profit. Why? Responsive web design is when you optimize your website’s design for the different devices users use to search the internet, and 79% of consumers say they won’t use your business again if the mobile experience is poor.

That’s not all. As the owner of M.J. Web Design, I want you to know I set up the company to provide the highest value in Richmond with our web design services. For the same average cost the other agencies charge for a website, M.J. Web Design will build your website, optimize it for Google search, and create your entire digital marketing framework. 

That means out of the box, you get an entire marketing framework that will grow with your business. If you want to ensure your company provides the best online experience for your customers, contact us for a free strategy session. If you want to learn more, follow the arrow down!

A graphic with written statistics that talk about the importance of responsive web design.
Even more responsive web design statistics!

The Dangers Of Not Having A Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design services.

Google Won't Prioritize You

It may not appear obvious so you might not realize how Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. Usually, the top search results are website's that have been designed with a mobile-first mentally.

Why is Google doing this? Because in 2024, people are using mobile devices more than desktop & laptop computers. In fact, 82% of adults use smart phones for their business activities, and more than 55% of the world's website traffic is done on a mobile device.

These statistics show your business will rank better on Google's search results and can make more money on Google when it has been designed with a mobile-first mentality. That means if you have not ensured your website is mobile-friendly, how much money could you be leaving on the table?

A woman who is frustrated at a website's poor mobile design.

94% Of Consumers Judge Your Business Based On Your Website's Responsive Design

First impressions can make or break a sale for your business, and that principle is even more important when you sell online. How often do you research goods and services online before visiting a store? If that website looks horrible on a mobile phone, what will you do? You're going to leave the website, think less of the company, and you will look at a competitors' website.

The same thing goes for website's that don't look good on laptops or tablets. MacBook screens have a different number of pixels than an Asus laptop, and an iPad has a different amount of pixels than a competitors tablet with the same screen size. That means your website could look good one one, and not another. Finally, if your website is outdated, it might have been made for desktops and won't look good on any other device.

Take a look at your website on every device you can, if you notice it looks funky on one device, imagine how many people with that device have visited and left.

A snail. This image represents how much people dislike websites that load slowly on mobile devices.

40% Of Site Visitors Will Leave Your Site If It Takes Longer Than 3 Seconds To Load

In today's world, a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load is like watching a snail crawl. Here are more statistics that show how vital a blazing fast mobile-friendly website is for your business:

  • 1 in 4 people will leave your site and never return if it takes longer than 4 seconds to load.

  • 70% of purchasers claim web page speed influences their purchasing decisions.

  • Every second after 1 reduces user satisfaction by 16%.

  • Each additional second after 1 decreases conversion rates by an average of 4.5%.

One of the biggest problems are do-it-yourself website builders. Many of them result in janky mobile website designs and slow loading speeds. Why is that? They require tons of code to make the builder work, which then hurts your bottom line.

Our Clients Are Happy With Their Responsive Websites

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What You Receive With Our Responsive Web Design Services

  • A Responsive Website

    Imagine looking at your website on any device and it just looks beautiful. You could bring your phone and show it off to everyone.

  • SEO

    A responsive website will look beautiful, but people need to find it. That's why each website we design comes with a first time SEO optimization.

  • Speed and Health

    Your website won't just look beautiful. It's going to be optimized for speed from the start. In fact, we will optimize your competitors and make yours faster at launch.

  • Custom Design

    Your website will be completely custom. We want you to have a custom website you're proud of. That's why we will never use templates.

  • Designed For You

    Our onboarding process is geared to learn as much about you and your business as possible, so the website is designed to convert your target audience.

  • Access To The Owner

    We have a team of people that will work together to complete your project, but you get to speak directly with the owner whenever you need to. No shuffling around trying to talk to the right person.

FREE Responsive Web Design Services Strategy Session

Let’s solve your web design problem and grow your business together.

Check Out A Responsive Website We Redesigned For A Client

When you hire someone to design a website, you want it done right the first time. This client had a website built by a small company and that company didn’t make it responsive. 

The fonts were massive on phones, the content was spilling off the screen, and there was almost no written copy. 

They were also scammed by the previous web designer, who performed SEO optimization for a company with the same name in Canada! 

A Freshly Dedsigned Responsive Website In 3 Easy Steps

Our Web Design Process Is Simple And Tailored To Grow Your Business

Probably the most crucial step in our responsive web design process is listening. We want to talk with you and learn all about your business. This helps us understand what your business is about, what you offer to your audience, and where your business stands in its growth. The more we understand about you and your business, the better we can design a responsive website that fulfills your desires and achieves your business’s goals.

After we have all the necessary information, we move on to planning the written content. This means researching your competitors, customizing your written copy, and creating exciting offers and calls to action. Our goal is to develop an emotional connection between your target audience and your products and services. When content is written in this manner, it leads to increased sales and better results for your business.

Now that we have tons of written content, it’s time to begin designing the website. Our objective is to spend the same amount of time designing as we did writing. Why do we do this? Because having well-written content isn’t enough; we must ensure the website offers a fantastic user experience (UX) and is easy to navigate (UI). We will also design branding materials during this stage if you require branding materials. This includes designing logos and graphics, taking photos and videos, etc. Graphics and great design will enhance your brand’s identity and set you apart from competitors.

Now it’s time to develop the site using the content we have created. We set up the hosting, install WordPress (or another CMS), and purchase/download the required plugins/software. Before the final draft is completed, we will also integrate the website with any marketing software or automation you already have in place. Then, before your website goes live on the internet, you will get the chance to review it and make any changes you want. This way you will always have the final say over the website’s final appearance and functionality. 

When we start SEO optimization, we carefully revisit the content to ensure we are targeting the right keywords on the appropriate pages. These pages are then internally linked and siloed, and we make sure alt tags are added to every image. We will also create your business’s Google Business Profile, and handle other essential SEO tasks. In a nutshell, we’re building your entire online presence and making sure your website is Google (SEO) ready. 

After your website is live we can talk about maintaining and managing your website. You have two options. First, you can have us take care of all the updates, traffic analytics, and security, so you don’t have to worry about it. Second, we can focus on SEO optimization, which will ensure your website continues to increase in rankings and attract more visitors. At the same time, we will maintain the website’s speed, health, and security. Whichever option you choose, we’ll ensure your website is in excellent shape and running smoothly. This way you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Responsive Web Design Services: FAQ

If you don’t see the answer to your question, contact us.

What's the difference between responsive web design and mobile-friendly web design?

A mobile-friendly website means you have a website that displays correctly on a mobile device. Usually, this means there are two separate versions of your site. One is for computers, and the other for phones. A responsive web design is a single website that moves and resizes elements to fit different screen sizes.

Why is a responsive web design important?

A responsive website is important because it supports search engine optimization (SEO) and all your potential customers. Google has changed over time, and having multiple websites for different devices will hurt your rankings. Second, a responsive website will rearrange the layout to provide visitors a great UX (user experience), and UI (user interface), on any device they are using.

How long will it take you to design a responsive website?

This will depend on multiple factors. We try to make our onboarding process as detailed as possible. That way we can design a website that is custom and suits your business. We strive to complete a website in around 8 weeks, but it can take less or more time depending on how quickly we receive the content we need from you, or if there are any delays.

How much does it cost to build a responsive website?

If you plug this question into Google, you will receive a range of costs. Sometimes as low as $3,000, or as high as $15,000+, depending on the scope of the project. All our basic websites start around the $3,000 mark, but you get the responsive website, and all the other online elements your business needs. That includes SEO optimization, custom copy, required plugins, an ad you can use, a sales page, and the creation of an offer to drive leads. We strive to provide all the things your website needs for the average cost of a basic website.

Do you teach me to manage the website?

Every website we create comes with a training video you can reference when you need to add content or perform basic management. There are some other options as well. We are developing a YouTube channel, a learning subscription service, and offer monthly website management plans where we do all the work for you.

Can I build a responsive web design myself?

Anyone can develop, design, and build a website by themselves! But be aware, many do-it-yourself website builders don’t resize well for different screen sizes, which will put you behind your competitors. Plus, you will have to take the time to learn, practice, and get it right. Sometimes it can be more economical to have a professional design the site.

You're in the Richmond, VA, metro area. Do you provide services elsewher?

We do. That’s the beauty of working over the internet. We provide our responsive web design services to anyone in Richmond City and the surrounding areas. But, it doesn’t end there. We can design a responsive website for any small business in Virginia.

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