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Our SEO services will optimize your website for search engines and improve your RVA business’s visibility across the internet.

Hi, I'm Mike and I Own M.J. Web Design

Just a brief message about M.J. Web Design and our SEO services.

I’m so glad you found your way onto our company’s website. I want to take a few seconds to tell you about M.J. Web Design’s mission. Bear with me for at least this section.

I’ve met many small business owners and startups, It seems many lack the thousands of dollars per month agencies ask to create a website, optimize it for SEO, and advertise their company.

That’s why I ensure M.J. Web Design provides way more than SEO at a better price than other SEO and web design agencies in Richmond, VA.

For example, if you choose us as your SEO professional, you receive more than monthly SEO services.

You will be eligible to have a brand new website designed for you, or a fresh, modern redesign for your current website.

With your website and SEO, you will receive an entire digital marketing framework at no extra cost. This includes:

  • Branding, graphics, photography.
  • Social media platforms are set up, optimized, and managed.
  • Your Google Business Profile will be created, optimized, and managed.
  • Website maintenance, management, security, and hosting included.
  • A custom lead generator.
  • Sales funnel to bring site visitors on a journey to become customers.
  • An email newsletter.
  • A blog
  • and more!

We don’t believe in nickel and diming here. If you’re a business owner who feels like you’re paying your current SEO agency too much, or have a small company that needs to grow, use the contact form and reach out

I’d love to meet you.

SEO Richmond VA

Quality SEO Service In Richmond, VA

Your company should be getting organic clients from the web.

Thanks for checking out the M.J. Web Design SEO services page. Our company provides professional SEO services to all website owners, business owners, and non-profits who want to improve their websites’ search engine visibility. But, we do SEO a little differently than the average SEO agency.

How so? Most SEO companies will solely concentrate on your organic rankings, but we go above and beyond to get you those customers NOW. We will go into more detail about that in a bit but first, we want to tell you more about the importance of SEO.

SEO is complicated. Google has over 200 separate ranking factors and 2 billion lines of code that make up its brain. It’s constantly scanning the internet and ranking websites based on specific search terms to provide users with the right information they’re searching for.

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting a new site, have an old site, or have a website that’s performing poorly – we are happy to help.

Search Engine Optimization in Richmond, VA, is the process of increasing your local business’s rankings on search engines. We don’t just stop at Google though. We will increase your visibility on Yahoo, Bing, and others. Good SEO isn’t just about rankings, because if your website isn’t set up properly, the traffic you get won’t convert.

Now let’s talk about the dangers of not having your website SEO optimized.

No SEO? Here's What Can Happen...

  • No Traffic Or Sales

    Your business needs website traffic to get business and help others. Without search engine optimization, Google won't display your website.

  • It Gets Harder Over Time

    SEO is a constant competition, and the longer you go without optimizing your website, the harder it will be compete later on.

  • Google Changes Constantly

    You might have done SEO optimization once, but Google changes it's ranking criteria regularly. If you stop taking the time to do SEO, you will lose rankings.

  • Your Business Won't Grow

    Every new piece of content has a chance to rank if it's optimized for search engines, links from other websites can bring in new customers, and regular site maintenance will keep it from slowing down or crashing.

A graphic with people working on SEO.

Life With Our SEO Services

We believe in being accountable. We don’t force you to sign contracts and agree to termination fees. Our goal is to do the best work for you, earn, and keep your trust. 

A smiling business owner who benefited from hiring an SEO service.

Save Time

When you have someone else working on your SEO, you can spend a lot more time making sales and growing other parts of the business.

Gain Advantage

A professional SEO company will help you gain the advantage over your competitors, making your business the premier choice for your customers.

More Money!

Once you're ranked, your business will have a lot more clients, and you will have a lot more money.


You will be happier when your SEO specialist takes all the work off your hands, improves your website rankings, brings in higher quality leads, and makes you more money.

Do You Want To Improve Your SEO?

When you go to our contact page, use our contact form and set up an appointment with the owner Michael.

Basic SEO

For Local Small Business & Startups
  • New Website or Redesign
  • Keyword Research / Local Keywords
  • Google Analytics Setup & Configuration
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Title Tag & Meta Tag Optimization
  • Technical SEO / On-Site SEO
  • Internal Linking & Off-Site Link Building
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Hosting
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Content Creation / Quarterly Blog Post
  • Social Media Creation / 2 Platforms
  • Google Business Profile / 2 Posts per wk.
  • Lead Generating Offer Creation
  • Monthly Email Newsletter

Advanced SEO

Small Business & Regional Business
  • New Website or Redesign
  • Keyword Research / Local / Regional
  • Google Analytics Setup & Configuration
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Title Tag & Meta Tag Optimization
  • Technical SEO / On-Site SEO
  • Internal Linking & Off-Site Link Building
  • Advanced Site & Code Optimization
  • Custom Photography
  • Hosting
  • Monthly Reporting + Strategy Session
  • Content Creation / Monthly Blog Post
  • Social Media Creation / 3 Platforms
  • Google Business Profile / 3 Posts per wk.
  • Lead Generating Offer Creation
  • Bi-Weekly Email Newsletter
  • A/B Testing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • eCommerce Dedicated
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Royal Growth SEO

Any Business Who Wants The Fastest Growth
  • New Website or Redesign
  • Keyword Research / Local/Region/National
  • Google Analytics Setup & Configuration
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Title Tag & Meta Tag Optimization
  • Technical SEO / On-Site SEO
  • Internal Linking & Off-Site Link Building
  • Advanced Site & Code Optimization
  • Custom Photography
  • Advanced Hosting
  • Monthly Reporting + Strategy Session
  • Content Creation / Bi-Weekly Blog Post
  • Social Media Creation / All Platforms
  • Google Business Profile / 4 - 5 Posts per wk.
  • Lead Generating Offer Creation
  • Weekly Email Newsletter
  • A/B Testing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • eCommerce Dedicated
  • Paid Press Releases
  • Multiple Sales Funnels

Our Richmond SEO Clients Love Working With Us

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Our Richmond, VA, SEO Services

Our SEO strategies are based on data and driving direct responses from your target audience.

Keyword Research

M.J. Web Design studies your industry and the search terms your potential customers are typing into Google. This is a vital step in the SEO process to ensure your website gets the best possible rankings. We start by looking at special trends surrounding your industry, then we select the keywords that will provide the most traffic, then we optimize your site pages.

Consistent Analysis

When you're performing SEO optimization analysis comes in two parts.

1) Competitor Analysis: We will research and continue to research the closest competitors in your industry and service area. This way we can discover what is providing them the website traffic they have.

2) Regular Analysis: After your website is ranked, we will consistently analyze it to be sure we make the necessary adjustments and turn as many site visitors into customers as possible.

Link Building

Don't trust SEO companies who claim to get you tons and tons of backlinks fast. They are usually using black-hat tactics that can incur a Google penalty. M.J. Web Design utilizes link-building tactics that will not produce penalties for your website. That includes press releases, manual blogger outreach, content marketing on social media, guest blogging, and more. It may take more time to acquire the links, but the results will be more productive.

Local SEO

Local SEO involves ranking your website for specific service areas, but we're going to do more than that. Our SEO service specializes in ranking your brick-and-mortar store or professional service business to the city and the rest of Central, VA. Our goal is rank your Google Business Profile (GBP), and website for locality, and "near me" searches.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your website so the search engines can quickly load it, navigate it, and decide whether it should be ranked on the web. Our Richmond SEO strategy involves improving your website's URL structure, increasing it's load speed, making sure it's mobile-friendly, and fixes any duplicate content problems.

On-Page SEO

Your on-page SEO is a beneficial thing to fix. Poor on-page SEO results in lower rankings, but also lower conversion rates. When you retain our SEO agency, we will rewrite your content and call-to-action to increase conversion rates, improve your Meta descriptions and SEO titles, increase internal linking, and more. Our goal is to not just increase your keyword rankings, but increase your site visitor's UX (user experience).

Video SEO

Doing SEO today doesn't just involve your website. Your business needs a multimedia presence. That includes the creation of videos for your site pages, and a YouTube channel. Our goal is to get your videos featured on the search engine results for your target keywords.

Mobile SEO

More than half of internet searches are now done using a smart phone. Did you know that? That means it's more important than ever your website is optimized for mobile SEO. What does this entail? You will have your website's content set up in a manner that's quick and easy to use on phones and tablets. It needs to show you the most important aspects of your business ASAP.

SEO Integration

This is a special SEO service provided b y M.J. Web Design. We want every small business owner in Richmond, VA, to have SEO that sets them up to win. When you hire us to provide search engine optimization services, you will also receive email marketing, social media management, website management, and custom copywriting. Plus, we will create a sales funnel, special landing pages, and assist you with crafting an offer your website visitor's can refuse.

Get A Free SEO Report

Get a full-fledged FREE SEO audit that includes technical SEO, on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and an initial strategy guide with the report, FREE.

An SEO report with a graph showing increased rankings.

Why Choose Us For SEO?

We have a friendly, client-centered, and simplified approach to business.

A happy business owner. Our Richmond, VA, based SEO service has a goal. That goal is make sure all our clients are happy.

My promise to the business owners of Richmond, VA, is this. My company will be communicative, work hard, and not quit till your SEO strategies are successful.

Owner and CEO of M.J. Web Design

More Online Visibility In 3 Easy Steps

Check Out An SEO Case Study From One Of Our Richmond,VA, Based Clients.

RVA Mobile Catering is one of our local SEO projects. They owners used to work for a different food truck database, but when they started their own, they needed a new website and search engine optimization. We designed and SEO optimized their website, and along with other marketing efforts, they now sit at the top for multiple keywords and have regular leads coming in. Click the button below to learn more about this SEO project.

One of our local SEO clients in RVA. Their business is called RVA Mobile Catering, and pictured here is their website on a tablet.

SEO Richmond, VA: FAQs

If you don’t see the answer to your question, contact us.

What is the average cost of SEO services?

When you Google SEO cost in Richmond, VA, you will come across many websites and blogs with different averages. For high-quality SEO, you should expect to pay between $550 – $2,000 a month for a full-service SEO plan. 

What comes with an SEO plan from M.J. Web Design?

One of the staples of our company is more bang for your buck. While most companies charge between $500 – $2,000 a month for on-site, offsite, and technical SEO, we provide your regular SEO services along with a full website redesign, website maintenance, hosting, content writing, basic social media management, and a paid ads campaign/sales funnel. All for the same monthly price as other agencies. 

You are a web design agency, how does that qualify you to do SEO?

In 2024, an agency will rarely have a single concentration. If this was 15 – 20 years ago you were more likely to have web designers who only did web design, marketers who only did marketing, and SEO specialists who concentrated on SEO. Today, most digital marketing agencies offer SEO and web design services while most web designers offer SEO and some marketing services. The branding is what changes.

How can I determine whether SEO is worth it for my business?

SEO can provide an excellent return on your investment, especially if you choose the right keywords. M.J. Web Design has access to software that helps us spy on our competitors and determine how much traffic they receive from their rankings. Then we can get an idea of what you will earn if you earn their spot on the SERPs.

How does SEO work?

Google and other search engines have something called crawlers. Some people will call them bots or spiders. But, these crawlers regularly scan the internet and review webpage content for certain standards. There are around 200 main ranking standards they look for. Based on that web page’s optimization level, the search engine will increase or decrease its rank for a specific keyword.

Do you only do SEO in Richmond, VA?

The Richmond Metro area is where our web design agency is based. But, we can provide SEO services to any business in the greater Richmond region and the rest of the state. We have even performed national SEO. Contact us with any questions you might have, and we can show you samples of our local, state, and national work.

How long does it take to rank on Google?

This depends on how much competition you have in your service area, and how powerful your competitor’s websites are. Depending on whether it’s local, regional, or national SEO, it could take anywhere from 3 – 6, or 6 – 12 months to start seeing regular leads thanks to high rankings. It could be more or less, a full SEO audit can help us get a better idea of the time it might take.

Should I do SEO, PPC, and social media?

It’s a good idea to have a multi-media marketing plan to ensure you’re not relying too much on one platform. Plus, the different marketing styles can complement one another. Social media is usually used for brand building vs. sales, and PPC is best for selling your goods and services. But, both can drive traffic to your website which can indirectly help your search engine rankings, especially if people are spending plenty of time on your website.

Your website and SEO agency is in Richmond, VA, what if my business is somewhere else in Virginia?

We can still provide SEO services even if you’re not in Richmond, VA. We have experience with a company that outsourced SEO work to us from around the United States. That means if your business needs search engine optimization in Richmond, VA, the surrounding areas, the entire state, or country, we can help you out.

Do you have any resources about SEO I can read?

Would You Like A FREE Review Of Your Website & Marketing, And A Report On How To Improve it?

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