Website Maintenance & Management In Richmond, VA

Website Maintenance & Management Service In Richmond, VA

Website maintenance services will save you time and money. Let us make sure your website keeps running, stays fast, and is secure.

Who Benefits From Website Maintenance Services?

Bloggers, business owners, and non-profits can all benefit from our website maintenance/management services. Here’s why:

Website Maintenance Service

A Poorly Managed Website Can Hurt Your Business

M.J. Web Design will help your business avoid:

An angry customer calling a business because of a poorly maintained website.

Angry Customers

Difficult navigation, unclear CTAs, slow-loading pages, and hard to find information can cause website users to become frustrated.

A chart showing a business's monetary losses.

Lost Money

Poor performance can cause lost sales, lower conversion rates, and less people will be likely to purchase in the future.

A graphic with the word SEO. Regular website maintenance can improve a website's SEO.

NO Traffic

Google has important search engine ranking factors like website loading speed, regular content updates, and improving user experience (UX).

A hacker stealing customer information because of poor website security.


It's vital for your business to have good website security. Hackers are constantly looking for ways to hijack websites or steal data.

What's Life Like With Our Website Maintenance?

Think of hiring a website maintenance service as an investment in the growth of your business. Our company’s goal is to help you make sure your website is running fast, and securely. and providing a great user experience. That way you can work on managing and growing your business.

Michael Dors: Owner of M.J. Web Design

More Time

When you have a website manager maintaining your site, you don't have to take the time learning how to fix your website's problems. Just send us an email, text, or call, and we will fix it.

More Money

Thanks to having more time, you can concentrate on parts of your business involving growth and sales. Plus, an improved website will help your business sell more!

Peace of Mind

Our website maintenance plans come with security and backups. That means you sleep knowing your customer's information is secure, and you can't lose your website.

Regular Updates

You don't have to worry about your website having problems because we will regularly update it and check to be sure nothing breaks.

Two website managers maintaining a website.

Our Website Maintenance Services Make Business Owners Happy

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It's Easy To Get Your Website Maintained

Ask Us About Website Maintenance

Have your website audited for health, security, and speed for free.

What You Get When We Maintain Your Website

Our goal is to relieve you of stress and give you more time to grow your business and make money.

Website Hosting

M.J. Web Design has worked with tons of web hosts over the years and has determined which ones are best to work with based on your needs. Our preferred web host is Siteground, and your annual hosting fees are absorbed into the plan. Don't worry about hosting bills, cause we will take care of them.

Security & Backups

Every plan we have comes with a level of security and backup. Many hosting companies will automatically backup the website, but we will take an extra one each month and store it offsite. That way you can never lose your website. Second, we offer different levels of security depending on your business's needs.

Plugin & Theme Updates

If your website is on WordPress or another CMS that requires theme and plugin updates, these updates can break the design and functionality of your website. When we're hired to manage/maintain your website, we will ensure these updates are made, and nothing has broken on the site.

Content Updates

Want to put a new section on your website? Maybe you want to add a new photo album, cool looking slider or interactive element? All you need to do is contact us and we will ensure the content is updated and looking beautiful. You just sit back and relax, then enjoy looking at the new content

Disaster Recovery

Sometimes, the servers hosting your website go down. This can happen with any hosting company, although we've seen it happen more with certain ones. Every once and a while, this occurs just because the site hasn't been maintained and there is a ton of junk on it. We will ensure crashes and attacks are fixed ASAP.

Accessability Testing

Depending on the type of website you have and the location you provide service, certain laws might require you have certain features on your website. This includes features that allow users with disabilities, mobile site users, and people with slow internet connections to access and use the site properly.

User & Data Analysis

Certain website maintenance plans we offer include user and data analysis. We will analyze your traffic and it's behavior using Google Search Console & Google Analytics, then include that user behavior on your monthly report. This way you can decide what to do to improve your site.

SSL & Software Costs

That little padlock at the top of your internet browser means an SSL certificate is installed on the website. This certificate secures your website with an encryption and authenticates the site's identity. With all our maintenance plans we cover the cost of SSL. With some, we even cover the cost of your extra software and functionality.

Speed & Health

Websites slow down over time. Sometimes it's not because of the hosting, but because the website's code hasn't been optimized or the backend of the site has filled with junk files. We will ensure your website's code is optimized, caching is set up, set up a content delivery network, and make sure it runs fast.

3 Tiers Of Website Maintenance Plans

We also offer custom website maintenance & management plans.

Basic Website Maintenance

  • 24/7 Support
  • Basic Hosting
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Regular Updates
  • Monthly Backups
  • Basic Security
  • Monthly Analytics

Standard Website Maintenance

  • 24/7 Support
  • Content Updates
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Cloud Hosting or Equivalent
  • Regular Updates
  • Monthly Backups
  • Security Included
  • Monthly Analytics
  • Content Reviews & Consultation
  • Business Email (1 User)

Premium Website Maintenance

  • 24/7 Support
  • Content Updates + Additional Pages
  • Mobile, Code, and Image Optimization
  • VIP Advanced Hosting or Equivalent
  • Regular Updates
  • Monthly Backups
  • Security Included
  • Monthly Analytics
  • Content Reviews, Consultation, & User Behavior Analytics/Review
  • Business Email (1-3 Users)

Website Maintenance FAQs:

If you don’t see the answer to your question, contact us.

My business isn't in Richmond, VA, can you still maintain my website?

Yes, we can, and that’s the great thing about working over the internet. We can analyze, optimize, and improve your website as if your small business is right up the road, even if you’re across the country. 

What exactly is covered in your website maintenance plans?

Our website maintenance and management services are tiered and can be custom-tailored to your business’s needs. That means the difference between them is the features, cost, and labor involved. Here’s a list of what our plans cover:

  • Code, Image, and Speed Optimization
  • UX & UI Improvements
  • Responsive Web Design Improvements
  • Website Hosting and Renewals Covered
  • Regular Updates
  • Backups
  • Security Installation
  • Content Updates
  • Analytics and Reporting with Recommendations

Sometimes the costs for plugins, features, and functionality are more than the plan. This is generally for large websites with specific requirements. This is when we will create a custom plan for you.

What happens if my website crashes and is down?

Each one of our website maintenance plans comes with 24/7 uptime monitoring. If there is a security breach, crash, or problem with an update, we will receive an alert. We will then fix the problem ASAP. We won’t wait a day to fix it because this issue gets pushed to the front of the line. Plus, because we keep multiple backups of your site, if we lose anything then we will re-upload it and you will be back to business.

If you're maintaining my website, will it go down when you update it?

No, absolutely not. We can make changes by working behind the scenes. Then when we upload it, the change will be seamless.

Can I see content changes before they go live?

Of course. If you request it, we will send you the new content and let you review it before we make the official change.

Do you have contracts or cancellation fees?

M.J. Web Design has a work agreement so both parties know what’s expected of the other, but we don’t have contracts. Our company believes in doing the work and creating value, not trapping you in a contract with cancellation fees.

Do you only maintain and manage WordPress websites?

No, we are not limited to WordPress websites. As a web designer in RVA, we have experience working with WIX, Squarespace, WordPress, Joomla, and even websites coded from scratch. 

What other benefits do I receive with your website maintenance services?

If we’re retained to maintain and mange your website, we will provide web design and website redesigns at 50% off the full price. There’s no better value for businesses in RVA.

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