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Website Management And Maintenance Services

Hire Us To Manage And Maintain Your Website So You Save Time, Money, And Grow Your Business

Our web designers provide full-service website management and maintenance services to clients in Virginia and around the country. Improve your website speed, health, save time, and make more money.

Have You Considered Whether Your Website Was Designed To Be Google Friendly?

This is Michael, the CEO of M.J. Web Design and I want to say welcome to the site. I want to greet every visitor and tell you what my web design agency is about. “RESULTS”. That’s why we offer full-service website maintenance and management packages for businesses that don’t have the time to do it themselves, can’t afford to hire a full-time employee, and simply don’t have the technical know-how to take care of the tasks.

Your website is your storefront, and its management is vital to its success. It takes 50 milliseconds for a user to judge your website, so it must load fast and look beautiful on all devices. 57% of users won’t recommend a business if they dislike the website, and 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.

So, if your website is not updated regularly, isn’t loading lightning fast, and you don’t know any of its metrics or what can be improved, then you might benefit from having a professional website manager. That’s why our website management plans are designed to make sure your website is blazing fast, regularly updated and healthy, protected from malware attacks, and always beautiful.

Website Management & Maintenance Could Be Why
People Don't Stay On Your Website

Website Management and Maintenance Services

Poor Opinions

Your website might load quickly for you, but Google cares about how it loads for others. People will judge your website in under 50 milliseconds, and if they don't like it 88% will never return. Think about the money you're losing.

A woman frustrated with her phone because the website she's using has a poor UI and UX experience.

Hard To Use

Have you ever been on a website and it was hard to find the products or pages you wanted? Did you have to click around and search? A poor user experience and interface will cause 38% of visitors to immediately close the website.

A desktop, tablet, and smartphone displaying a responsive website on each screen size.

Don't Trust You

A recent study showed that 48% of web users consider your website the top contributing factor as to how they trust your business. That means you need to have the proper security, privacy pages, and terms and conditions.

A graphic with tons of website management and maintenance terms in different colors and set up in a masonry grid. This is meant to replicate an outdated web design from the 1990s.

Many More Reasons

Here's more reasons people leave websites. Element clutter, poor navigation, broken links, bad layout, no security, missplaced information, poor color schemes, wrong keywords, and outdated content.

Does Your Website Make You Feel A Certain Way?

When We Manage Your Website You Won't Worry About Losing Visitors Anymore

More Time!!!

When we manage your website, we will make sure the content is beautiful and organized, and up to date. You don’t have to take the time out of your business growth to do it.

Less Risk

If you’re not a web designer, it’s less risky to have a professional manage your website. You won’t have to hear about security breaches, crashes, or poor user experience.

All Computer Needs Google Pagespeed Score
All Computer Needs Google Pagespeed Score before M.J. Web Design started managing the website.

Blazing Speed

More than 75% of people won’t do business with you if your website is slow, and you can’t judge it by using your own phone. You can check your scores by going to GTMetrix and testing your site health.

Better SEO Rankings

In 2022, Google made its page speed scores a direct factor when ranking websites for certain keyword searches. A healthy website with clean code will help you get more traffic and keep it.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Website Manager Vs. Doing It Yourself

Outsourcing your website management to an agency like ours saves you time and money. Plus, it helps you grow your business. Here’s a list showing you the difference between DIY website maintenance and hiring us.

Managing Your Own Website

Hiring M.J. Web Design

Check Out Some Speed Results From Other Websites We Manage

Speed and Health Is A Vital Part of Website Management

When your website is fast, Google provides amazing scores and it awards your website with higher rankings, and that means more website visitors. Here are some of our clients websites we manage and have optimized for speed.

Google Pagespeed Scores for the website hollowaycpas.com. A website we manage and provide maintenance on.
Google Pagespeed Scores for the website allcomputerneedsllc.com. A website we manage and provide maintenance on.
Google Pagespeed Scores for the website kainbuilt.com. A website we manage and provide maintenance on.

Our Website Management Service Provides More Than Just Speed

Our website management service comes with professional content updates. Tell us what you want changed and we will ensure it's designed and updated professionally so you don't have to.

Content Updates From A Professional Web Designer

Do you have a website and hate coming up with new content? Or, you are frustrated because you can not seem to make it look attractive on the page? M.J. Web Design provides a professional web designer who will update your content. You just send us the verbiage, images, etc. and we will update it ASAP. We always have a 24-hour turnaround time.

An internet security icon. Our website management services provide security for your website.

Website Security From Hackers

Website security is a major part of managing a website. You can get free, paid, and enterprise software. A lot of the time you aren’t sure what you need. M.J. Web Design‘s website management service provides security for your website that will keep it safe from malware attacks and your customer’s private information safe from being stolen. An internet attack can cost a business over 100,000 dollars. You don’t want that happening.

A keyboard with a button that says backup. A website management service should always have regular backups in their offer.

Regular Data & Website Content Backups

No website management service is complete without regular backups, and we do it WAY better than everyone else. Most website management companies just put it on autopilot and let it run each week. M.J. Web Design can set you up with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly data backups. What makes it better is we store backups on your hosting, on your WordPress, AND on a separate hard drive for safe keeping.

A graphic titled update and showing a man updating a website.

Software Updates That Won't Break Your Website

Sometimes when you have a WordPress website (or website on another content management system), updates to the software can break the layout or cause errors with Google. We will make sure your updates are completed regularly, manually, and the entire website is checked to be sure everything still works properly.

A Google Pagespeed Insights score of 96. Google provides website rankings boosts when your website is optimized and managed better than your competitors.

Managing Website Speed And Health

Seen in the picture above is a score given to our website by Google. A lot of people get frustrated their website doesn’t rank, or it runs slowly on mobile devices. This can be due to heavy software being installed, no caching, badly optimized code, and large images. We go in behind the scenes and make sure it’s running FAST. Believe it or not, if Google was going to choose between you or your competitor, it will show the FASTER website.

A finger pointing to a cloud. With our website management plans you can get cloud hosting for your website.

Fast Hosting At An Affordable Price

Many people will go on a hosting company’s website and purchase shared (cheap) hosting. What those companies don’t tell you is your website is sitting on a server with EVERYONE else’s website. This can cause the server to crash and you will lose customers. M.J. Web Design offers cloud hosting at an affordable price so you get the best speed and uptime. Oh, and we monitor it to be sure it’s always up!

Some Of The Platforms We Manage Websites On

Not all website platforms are created equal. Some have more updates, are harder to design websites on, and others are more vulnerable to hackers. We have experience with multiple platforms and can manage your website in a manner that makes you worry-free.

It Takes A Lot More Time Than You Think To Learn How To Manage And Protect Your Website

Some Great Businesses Whose Websites We Manage

We Work With a Range of Different Business Types

M.J. Web Design client Greenshield Pest Control Official Logo
M.J. Web Design client The Locksmith Agency Official Logo
M.J. Web Design client Cantartos Mexican Restaurant Logo
M.J. Web Design client Coastal Adjustment Group Official Logo
M.J. Web Design client All Computer Needs Official Logo

"M.J web design was very helpful in getting my website up and running. I started with just doing a new web design then added their services as well. I will recommend M.J Web Design over any other company. I am very happy with their hard work."

Christopher Hall 

Owner of All Computer Needs

A headshot of Julia Wilkes, she was one of the first M.J. Web Design clients.

"Mike at M.J. Web Design is great to work with and had some amazing suggestions for my site. He is completely trustworthy and guarantees your happiness. Couldn't have worked with a better person.."

Julie Wilkes

Owner of Road Runner Tours & Travel

The owner of Happier Space RVA, Athena Conte. She met with M.J. Web Design and received a complimentary website audit.

"I reached out to M. J. Web Design to consider website improvements and Google search optimizations for Happier Space. Michael did a thorough, complimentary audit and analysis, providing me with wonderful insight."

Athena Conte

Owner of Happier Space RVA

Obtain Professional Website Management Easily

In Just A Few Steps Your Website Could Be Better!

No one wants to work with a company that makes it complicated or doesn’t communicate.

Contact Us

  1. Make a phone call, send an email, or fill out our contact form.

Choose A Plan

2. We’ll schedule a free meeting to discuss your needs.

Make Edits

3. At this point we’re going to optimize the website and make improvements.

See Results

4. We get it all up and running, and you have more time, clients, and money.

We Offer Three Different Website Management Plans

Each of our website maintenance/management packages includes an increase in service, optimization, and hosting. If you require something custom, we can do that for you as well!


Website Management
$ 99
Monthly/No Contract
  • Basic Image & Code Optimization
  • 24/7 Support
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Basic Hosting Renewal or Equivalent
  • Monthly Updates
  • Monthly Backup
  • Basic Security Included
  • Time Saved from Having to Manage the Site....Priceless


Website Management
$ 199
Monthly/No Contract
  • Content Additions
  • Website Caching, Image Optimization, and Code Optimization
  • 24/7 Support
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Cloud Hosting Renewal or Equivalent
  • Bi-Weekly Updates
  • Bi-Weekly Backup
  • Security Included
  • Monthly Content Review & Consultation
  • Business Email Included
  • Time Saved from Having to Manage the Site....Priceless


Website Management
$ 299
Monthly/No Contract
  • Content Additions Including Additional Pages
  • Premium Nitro Speed With Code & Image Optimization
  • 24/7 Support
  • Mobile Optimization
  • VIP Cloud Hosting or Equivalent Renewal
  • Weekly Updates
  • Weekly Backup
  • Security Included
  • Monthly Content Review, Consultation, and Traffic & Behavior Analytics Report with Recommendations
  • Business Email Included
  • Time Saved from Having to Manage the Site....Priceless

Website Management Services Near You

Why We Help Business Owners Manage Their Websites

At M.J. Web Design we know you’re the kind of person who wants to be successful. You want to have a website that affords you time and provides a stable but growing list of clients. 

In order to be that way, you need a professional website management so your startup or small business grows and continues to increase profits.

The problem is most business owners aren’t professional web developers, and managing a website can cause frustration or confusion about how to add content, speed it up, or make Google happy.

You Will Save Time & Money

We believe it’s terrible new (or existing) small business owners should ever feel that way because everyone deserves success. 

M.J. Web Design understands how those feelings hurt. We were starting once and had to do the exact same thing! But we built our website, optimized its speed, and we’re successful.

Here’s how it works: just give us a call, get a FREE meeting, and we’ll help you choose the right website management plan, then put it in action. That way you can stop feeling frustrated or confused about how to get the most from your website.

Start feeling relaxed, free, and proud of your website:)

A chart with a green arrow pointing upwards.
Some business people throwing paper in the air out of happiness. It's M.J. Web Design's goal to increase your success and make you happy with your business.

Do You Want A Better, Faster, And More Secure Website While Saving Yourself Time?

Website Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have a question that’s not listed. Don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Yes we can. Here’s the good thing about maintaining and managing a website. It all happens over the internet. That means we can analyze, optimize, and improve your website as if your small business was in our city. But, in reality you’re across the USA.

Many web designers and website managers charge higher fees in exchange for a faster response time. This does not exist when you work with our company. You will have access to our main phone number, the owner’s personal work email, and the ability to submit requests through our website. When we receive the content change request, we schedule it to be done ASAP.

Each of our website maintenance plans are full service. That means the only difference between each level is the features, cost, and labor involved. That doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits to upgrading down the road. We will answer that question in the next section. For now, here’s a list of everything our maintenance plans cover.

  • Code optimization, Image, and Speed Optimization
  • UX and UI improvements
  • Responsive Web Design Improvements
  • Hosting and Renewals Covered
  • Regular Updates
  • Backups
  • Security Installation
  • Content Updates
  • Analytics and Reporting With Recommendations

Depending on the plan you choose, you get more advanced software that offers more optimization. For example, the silver plan is the only one that doesn’t have content additions. But, when you go up higher, you get access to better speed software, better hosting, and more regular checkups.

All our website maintenance plans come with 24/7 monitoring. If there is a security breach, server crash, or problem with an update, the monitoring service will alert us. This then gets fixed ASAP. We don’t wait for a time of day to fix it, we push it directly to the front of the line. Thanks to keeping multiple backups in secure locations we can recover your site and get it up and running ASAP.

Most definitely not. Even if we’re making major changes and adding large swaths of content you requested, the website will stay up and running.

Yes you can. When we design new sections and add content to your website, we do it in a template. That way you can review the design and what’s written before it goes live.

Absolutely not. We do not believe in contracts or cancellation fees. It’s our job to make sure you have the best website maintenance service available in the United States. The plans are all month to month with zero cancellation fees. Upgrade, downgrade, or take time off whenever you want or need too.

The other web design services we offer include:
  • Web Design
  • Website Redesigns
  • UX & UI Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Responsive Web Design
  • eCommerce Web Design
  • Content Copywriting
  • Logo Creation & Graphic Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Digital Marketing Services

We also provide tons of discounts should you be signed up for our website maintenance plan. Up to 50% off to add another service!

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