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As a WordPress company in Virginia, we want you to have a website that makes money and grows with your business.

Why Choose Us To Design & Develop Your WordPress Website?

Hello, this is Mike the owner speaking. I’m so thankful you visited our website. I’m just going to say a few words about how we might be beneficial to you and your business. I’ve striven to make our company as friendly, trusted, and committed as possible. 

First, every website we design is custom and tailored to your business and its target audience. Second, we are a local company in Richmond, VA, which means you don’t have to deal with a company that’s unable to meet in person. 

Finally, When you work with M.J. Web Design, you will deal directly with me, not one person who sells our services, another who designs the website, and a third who manages it. Plus, choosing to have your website built on WordPress makes it simple, easy to manage, and highly converting. Keep reading for more!

WordPress Company Virginia

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world.

More WordPress Facts: And Why You Want It

A man looking at poor website rankings online. WordPress helps your website rank higher on Google SERPs.

More Website Traffic

Do it yourself website builders are filled with unnecessary code. The code is required to make them operate but the excess bloat makes it harder for Google to read the content. This results in lower Google rankings and less website traffic.

Google Pagespeed Insights score of 100. WordPress websites are faster than websites designed on WIX or Squarespace.

Faster Loading Speeds

As mentioned before, the extra code and bloat that makes do-it-yourself website builders run makes it harder for Google to load t he page, especially on mobile phones. WordPress has more optimization options and faster loading speeds.

A WordPress plugin being coded. WordPress has many more plugins than other content management systems.

More Functionality

When you use a website builder to design and build your own website, you are at their mercy. WordPress is a platform that allows anyone to create a plugin that expands on it's functionality. With 50,000+ free plugins, you can't compete with its functionality.

A responsive website built on WordPress being viewed on a smartphone.

More Professional

Most do-it-yourself website builders/content management systems help you design your own website but they limit you. Most of the templates they come with are limited and that also limits your design abilities. Professional web designers using WordPress can build websites that outdo anything you can build on a DIY website builder.

Plenty of 5-Star Ratings From Business Owners In Virginia

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The official Expertise.com badge. They awarded M.J. Web Design with an official best web designer in Richmond, VA, badge.
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More WordPress Web Design & Development Facts & Benefits

This section will tell you more about WordPress’s history, features, and benefits for you.

Custom WordPress Web Design

WordPress is an excellent option if you want a professionally designed website. The CMS has over 20,000 different themes that can help guide a designer to create a blog, portfolio, service-based site, eCommerce, or other type of website. We can design your site with the following features:

  • A custom design found nowhere else on the web.
  • Contact forms.
  • Unique landing pages.
  • Live chat.
  • Integration with other marketing platforms.
  • Responsive website that works on all devices.
  • Special and easy-to-use menus.
  • and More

Even better, if the designer has enough skill they can use HTML, CSS, PHP, and other coding skills to manipulate the site and design something truly unique and custom for your business.

A desktop computer with a website designed using WordPress.
A developer optimizing the code on a WordPress website.

WordPress Optimization

A website is just like anything else. If you don’t optimize and regularly maintain it, it’s going to slow down and not operate at full capacity. Luckily, as a WordPress company in Virginia, we can make your WordPress website run like a dream. Here’s what we can do to optimize your WordPress site:

  • Choose a lighter theme that loads faster.
  • Optimize Images.
  • Set up caching.
  • Deactivate and organize plugins.
  • Set up a CDN.
  • Minimize third-party scripts and code.
  • Optimize the platform’s code.
  • and More!

A lot of customers we have met in the past had a WordPress website designed in the past, but optimization was never completed. When it went down they reached out wondering why. Optimization keeps the site running faster, longer. But, that leads us to tour WordPress maintenance and management service.

WordPress Maintenance & Management

Even if a WordPress website was designed and optimized the first time, it can still slow down, crash, get hacked, or become obsolete. That’s why we offer website maintenance. Specifically, M.J. Web Design offers WordPress maintenance and management. Here’s what we can do for you.

  • Ensure your website remains secure from hackers.
  • Consistently optimize the site so it stays faster than the rest.
  • Ensure the site is regularly backed up.
  • Regularly clean up the WordPress database.
  • Make sure pages are indexed by Google.
  • Test contact forms.
  • Update WordPress and plugins to be sure nothing is broken.
  • Design new sections and add content.
  • Check server uptime.
  • and More!
Having a WordPress company to manage and maintain your WordPress website has a lot of benefits. It keeps your website fast so users don’t bounce off, makes sure it’s secure and your customers don’t have their data stolen, and it saves you the time having to maintain it yourself. You can put that time towards making sales and running the business.

FREE NO Obligation WordPress Web Design Quotes

Let’s just sit and chat about what a WordPress website can do for you.

Our Featured Custom WordPress Website

When you hire someone to design your website on WordPress, you want a web designer who has your business’s goals in mind. That means you don’t just want an online billboard telling people what you do. You want the design and features to be tailored to your target audience. Check out Richard’s Paving.

A Newly Designed WordPress Website In 3 Easy Steps

The WordPress Plugins And Functionality We Can Provide Your Business.

Our Web Design Process Is Simple And Tailored To Grow Your Business

1) Strategy Session

Everyone gets a FREE 30 - 60-minute strategy session with the owner to discuss your needs, provide information, and discuss whether our web design agency is the best choice for your business. 

2) Questionnaires

We have extensive questionnaires for you to answer that will give us insight into your business, your brand, and future goals. That way we can figure out where to take your website's design.

3) Planning

With your info in hand, we will investigate your competitors, research your target audience, plan the website's structure, and get everything ready to begin development.

4) Content Creation

Your branded graphics will be drawn and the first draft of your website's copy will be written. This will then be adjusted properly as we develop the website.

5) Develop

At this point, we will have a wireframe of the website ready to go and we will put your graphic and written content onto a staging website.

6) Testing

Your website will be submitted to focus groups and content editors to be sure it's igniting the right response and is easy to read and navigate.

7) SEO

All the technical SEO aspects will be completed so the website is ready for launch. This includes making sure the right keywords are in the SEO title, meta description, and other first-time optimizations are completed.

8) Launch

The website is uploaded to the hosting and connected to the domain name, at which point we submit the sitemap to Google and Google will crawl it and give initial rankings.

WordPress Web Design: FAQ

If you don’t see the answer to your question, contact us.

Why should I hire a WordPress Web Designer?

Your website should be designed around your customers’ problems and how your business will solve those problems. It should be designed to sell your goods and services, not be an online billboard they use to compare you to your competitors. M.J. Web Design’s goal is to help your Richmond, VA, based small business sell.

What will you use to build my website?

We can develop websites from scratch using code, but this method has long been outdated. We use specific content management systems to design and develop your website. Most of our experience is with WordPress, but we have designed websites on Joomla, Shopify, WIX, and Squarespace. The CMS that’s chosen depends on your specific needs.

What if I already have a website on a different platform?

This usually isn’t a problem. If your website needs to be moved to WordPress, we can always redesign the website and then point the domain to it. Then we will redirect the old pages to the new ones, and you will be the owner of a more advanced and modern WordPress website. 

What are some reasons to move my website to WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that’s lightweight and SEO ready. Do it yourself website builders like Squarespace, WIX, and Weebly do not fully optimize the code, and they usually load slower. This is a problem for Google and results in lower rankings. The big G doesn’t like slower websites.

How much does it cost to design a website with WordPress?

If you want to try designing a WordPress website yourself the costs come down to the hosting and features you want. Many web hosting companies offer plans for WordPress hosting that usually cost between $100 – $300 per year. Then you will have to purchase a monthly or annual license to use the plugins you want. 

How much does a WordPress web designer cost?

When you search online for a WordPress web designer, you will likely see a massive price range. Overseas WordPress designers can be as little as $200, but you might have communication issues, content problems (English isn’t their first language), or low quality. WordPress web designers and agencies in the United States could charge anywhere from $3,000 – $10,000+ depending on the website’s features, size, and design complexity.

What are your service areas?

M.J. Web Design is a web designer in Richmond, VA. But, we don’t just work with local small businesses. We can work with any business in the continental United States and Canada. Our specialty though is to provide WordPress services to businesses across the state of Virginia.

Do you only work with specific industries?

We have a few industries we have worked with. You can view them on our portfolio. But, unlike most web designers who specialize in a specific niche and do the same work over and over again, we do it a little different. We don’t want to only work with the same type of business and design the same type of website time and time again. We want you to be unique. So we put our heart and soul into learning your industry and designing a website unlike any of your competitors.

Are you also a WordPress development company?

The company started as a web designer and then moved to offering website maintenance and management services. As we expanded our services into marketing, we also expanded our WordPress abilities. That’s how we can now offer more than WordPress web design. We are a WordPress developer, manager, and expert.

Will I have access to my WordPress website?

Of course. Unless our clients want us to take care of it all for them, you will have your own WordPress dashboard login. We can help you maintain the website and provide free website consulting. In the end, should we ever end the working relationship, you will have everything turned over directly to you.

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