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WordPress Web Design, Development, and Maintenance

Professional, Fast, and Optimized WordPress Websites Designed With The Worlds Best CMS

As a professional WordPress Web Design Company, it’s our goal to make sure your WordPress website is fast, attractive, and converts.

Did You Know WordPress Powers 43% Of The Entire Internet?

Hello, new website visitor! This is Michael, the owner of M.J. Web Design. I just want to take a min to welcome you to the website and tell you about this page. Are you a small business owner with a WordPress website that isn’t performing? Maybe, you’re a new business owner and aren’t sure where to start when it comes to owning a website. Well, M.J. Web Design is here to help, and WordPress is the premier way to do it.

I’ve met many business owners who purchased hosting on Wix or Squarespace, then realized they didn’t know the first thing about web design, search engine optimization, or how to make that website work for their business. The first issue is that when you set your business up on Wix, Squarespace, or other website builders, the hosting company owns the domain. NOT YOU. Second, many of the websites built on these platforms have tons of code behind the scenes which Google isn’t a fan of (they are slower).

WordPress offers the ultimate freedom for customization and it’s our number one content management system to design new websites. There’s a reason it powers the highest percentage of websites on the internet. The amount of software, customization, and opportunities are unmatched. If you’re interested in just talking with us for free hit the green button. If not, enjoy the page!

WordPress Is The World's Most Popular Content Management System
Here's Why You Want Your Website On It

You Will Own Your Website

Wix and Squarespace are marketed to small business owners as cheaper DIY options. But, they don’t tell you that when you design your site on these platforms Wix and Squarespace maintain rights to the domain name, and should you want to go elsewhere you can’t take the website with you.

It Brings Costs Down

At first, DIY website builders appear to be the cheaper option. But as your business grows, you’re going to want more features and speed. WordPress has free plugins and software you can utilize, whereas many website builders will charge you for the extra features. Before you know it, you want to switch.

WordPress Has Great Flexibility

WordPress has over 59,000 plugins you can use to add features to your website. Many DIY website builders limit you to the features they provide. If you want to add something your customers want and your website builder doesn’t offer it, then you’re out of luck. 

SEO Ready Websites

It’s become well known in the web design industry that website builders such as Wix and Squarespace don’t rank well on Google. They are bloated and loaded down with behind-the-scenes code that 1) slow them down and 2) makes Google hesitant to rank them as well as other websites.

The Benefits Of Building A New Website Or Moving Your Existing Website To WordPress

Just in case the section above wasn’t enough, here’s some more statistics proving the benefits of WordPress.

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Of The Internet

43% of the internet runs on WordPress. We said it earlier a couple of times but we can’t ignore the truth behind it.

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Websites Rank

More than half of the websites that have higher-ranking pages and traffic run on WordPress and not DIY website builders.

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There is nothing you can’t get done when you design your website on WordPress. The number of options is unmatched.

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Hidden Costs

DIY website builders get more money from you through hidden costs and features. This won’t happen with WordPress.

What Are The Benefits Of M.J. Web Design Designing Your Website With WordPress

WordPress Web Design Richmond, VA

Why Choose M.J. Web Design?

Many web design agencies promote their “discovery sessions”. But they are really just quick interviews and questionnaires. When you hire us we envelop ourselves in your industry.

Your time is vital when you own a business. We provide a free ZOOM meeting to every potential client, and unlimited meetings to be sure your website is built to perfection.

Our website copy is optimized for SEO and to sell your goods and services. Our custom website copy is designed to elicit an emotional response that makes your target audience say, “I want that!”

When M.J. Web Design builds your website, there are no upsells or hidden costs. Plus, you get the benefit of saving up to 50% on our other marketing services.

More About Our WordPress Web Design Services

Receive more conversions and customers through a sleek, custom, and optimized WordPress website from M.J. Web Design.

A graphic showing a desktop computer with a WordPress website on the monitor.

Professionally WordPress Website Design & Development

When you hire a web design agency, you want one that has WordPress experience. But, where we differ from other web design agencies is what we design the website to do. Many agencies design a website to be an online billboard. We want it to make people have to give you their info NOW. On top of that, we spend as much time as possible learning about your industry and what you offer, ensure the site is SEO optimized, and make sure it has the plugins and features your clients want to see.

We are WordPress web design professionals and we maintain the website for you.

WordPress Website Management & Customization

When you load up your website, we want you to go to “wow, that’s fast”. It’s vital your customers have an amazing experience on the site, and that goes a long way in making you the premier provider of your goods and services. WordPress handles a lot of the intense work, but our HTML and CSS coding skills will make sure your website performs and looks like a dream come true. Plus we can maintain your website and provide security, speed optimization, and other software to make sure you have the features needed.

An image of the web with a lock. Our ongoing WordPress support will make sure your website is optimized for speed, SEO, and security.

Ongoing WordPress Website Maintenance

Just because your website is built on WordPress doesn’t mean you don’t need someone to maintain it. It’s a lot like your computer programs, WordPress and its plugins require regular updates, security, and backups, otherwise they begin to slow down. Websites can also be hacked, and when you’re collecting customer information its the last thing you want. Our website maintenance services include specialized WordPress maintenance. We will make sure your site has the proper security, speed optimizations, SEO optimizations, content updates, and repairs should something break.

A keyboard with the word content written on it. Our WordPress web designers write custom content designed to sell your goods and services.

Website Content Designed To Sell Your Goods & Services

When you research a business on the internet, everyone’s website seems the same. The website says what the business does, sometimes features their history, and then their goods and services. But no one ever writes about how you would feel as a buyer should you purchase from the company. When we write custom website content, we analyze the buyers of that particular service or product first. That way, we make sure the content invokes emotions in your website visitors’ that make them want to buy.

SEO written on a board with different aspects of SEO pointing to it. When we build a new WordPress website, you get one fully optimized for SEO.

Wordpress Search Engine Optimization

When an agency builds your new website on WordPress, make sure you get it optimized for SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization.  Its an algorithm Google and other search engines use to determine how to rank website pages. In other words, if your web designer isn’t optimizing the website for SEO, the website will not appear on Google, and your money will go nowhere. M.J. Web Design ensures SEO optimization is included with every website we complete. We don’t make it an addon, we provide you with more value for your money.

The WooCommerce official logo. WooCommerce is the leading eCommerce Plugin for WordPress.

Selling On Your WordPress Website With WooCommerce

When you want to sell physical goods online, your website becomes a lot more complicated and demands more software and features. WooCommerce is the premier WordPress plugin for adding eCommerce to your website. We are experienced with designing eCommerce websites, adding your products, making sure your shipping and taxes are correct, and maintaining the website. Plus, you always want to be sure someone is keeping the website secure when customer payments are going through it!

Some Of Our Favorite WordPress Plugins

We are familiar with tons of WordPress plugins that provide all sorts of features. But here is a small list so you can get an idea of what’s possible when we build your website.

ResidentiaThe official logo for Akismet. A anti-spam plugin for WordPress.
The official logo for Amelia. A scheduling plugin for WordPress.
The official logo for Nitropack. A speed optimizaton plugin for WordPress.
The official logo for Elementor. A website builder plugin for WordPress.
The official logo for Sucuri. An internet security and anti malware plugin for WordPress.
WooCommerce official logo. An eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

Many Of The Top Enterprise Companies Use WordPress Including Best Buy!

One Of Our Featured WordPress Websites

Marwaha Real Estate found our company through a Google search for the keyword “web design in Richmond, VA”, and found us at #1. We met and they wanted us to build a website for their parent company Marwaha Investments. Some of the features and services we provided are custom photography, paid software for speed optimization, custom code to refine spacing problems, mobile responsiveness for all devices, GDPR compliance, and spam/malware security. We also maintain the website monthly and make sure no software updates break the site among other work.

Some Great Startups & Businesses In Richmond, VA, M.J. Web Design Has Build WordPress Websites For

M.J. Web Design client Greenshield Pest Control Official Logo
Roadrunner Tours & Travel official logo. They are a local client to Richmond, VA of M.J. Web Design.
M.J. Web Design client The Locksmith Agency Official Logo
M.J. Web Design client Cantartos Mexican Restaurant Logo
M.J. Web Design client All Computer Needs Official Logo
M.J. Web Design client Coastal Adjustment Group Official Logo
M.J. Web Design was very helpful on getting my website up and running. I started with just doing custom build then switched over to services as well. He then returned did my site on my new needs. I will recommend M.J Web Design over any other company. I am very happy with his hard work.
Chis Hall
Owner of All Computer Needs
Mike with M.J. Web Design was efficient, great and timely with communication and truly cares about your business and how he represents it with his web design. And for a super-affordable price. Highly recommend.
A headshot of Julia Wilkes, she was one of the first M.J. Web Design clients.
Julie Wilkes
Roadrunner Tours & Travel
Mike is great to work with and had some amazing suggestions for my site. He is completely trustworthy and guarantees your happiness. Couldn't have worked with a better person.
Daniel Harnsberger
Real Estate Agent

How To Get A New WordPress Website

It's our goal to make it easy for you.

No one wants to work with a company that makes it complicated or doesn’t communicate.

Contact Us

  1. Make a phone call, send an email, or fill out our contact form.

Have a Meeting

2. We’ll schedule a free meeting to discuss your needs.

Form a Plan

3. We’ll work directly with you creating an effecting marketing strategy.

Start Seeing Results

4. We get it all up and running, and you have more time, clients, and money.

Our WordPress Web Design Process

You can trust in our process to get the job done and provide you with the website your business needs.

A marketer working on his computer with the Google homepage open.
Meeting & Recommendations

We will meet with you on ZOOM or come to your business to check it out, make recommendations, and learn as much as we can about your desires.

Discover The Scope & Quote

After we have determined what you need we hid the drawing board and write up your project plan and goals.

Wireframe & Design

After the project plan is agreed upon we design the website from the ground up by installing the software, designing the pages, writing the content, and providing you a rough draft.


Most agencies go ahead and provide the website, but we go a step further. We submit the website to be reviewed by people within your customer base. We locate any errors, fix anything the visitors dislike, and perfect it for launch.

We Launch The Site And Provide You Access

We officially launch the website to the world and provide you and any of your employees full access to the website.

Ongoing Support

If you chose to have us provide WordPress maintenance & management, we are only a phone call, email, or text away from anything you need.

Joining the M.J. Web Design Family

Why We Do What We Do

At M.J. Web Design we know you’re the kind of person who wants to be successful. You want to have a WordPress website that converts clients, loads fast, and makes you more money.

In order to be that way, you web designer that cares more about your success, than making fast money..

“The problem is most new business owners don’t know WordPress”.

The problem is most new business owners aren’t professional web designers and don’t have the time to learn WordPress. This can makes you feel frustrated, inadequate, or confused about the direction to take.

We believe it’s terrible any new (or existing) small business owner should ever feel that way. Everyone deserves success.

“Everyone Deserves Success”

M.J. Web Design understands how those feelings hurt. We were starting out once and had to do the exact same thing! But we researched our markets, put in the hours, and are now successful.

Here’s how it works: just give us a call, get a FREE meeting, we’ll create the plan, then put it in action. That way you can stop feeling frustrated or confused about the growth and direction of your business.

Start feeling relaxed, free, and successful:)

A chart with a green arrow pointing upwards.
Some business people throwing paper in the air out of happiness. It's M.J. Web Design's goal to increase your success and make you happy with your business.

Do You Want A WordPress Website That's Beautiful, Fast, And Brings In Customers?

WordPress And Web Design FAQ

If you have a question that’s not listed. Don’t hesitate to contact us here.

There are tons of other content management systems like Joomla and Drupal, but we concentrate on WordPress. Why? Because it’s the most popular and has the most flexibility. Be that as it may, we do have experience with Joomla, WIX, Squarespace, WordPress, and Shopify. But WordPress is our number one platform.

We have good news and bad. When you want to switch from a website builder to WordPress, you first have to tackle the domain name. When you choose a domain name from WIX or Squarespace, they own it… We can work on getting the domain name on another host, but the content will be gone. Luckily we have designed websites on both DIY website builders and WordPress, and it’s possible to recreate/redesign the website to be almost exactly like it was… But better!

Every type of business! There are enterprises that use it, small businesses, bloggers, eCommerce stores, and more.

There are over 59,000 plugins that provide extra features for a WordPress website. With a little bit of research you can find many free plugins with great reviews. If you’re not sure, consult with your web designer since they are aware of the best ones. For example, M.J. Web Design uses Sucuri for WordPress security, Akismet for anti-spam, Elementor for website building, Nitropack for speed, Yoast for SEO, and that’s just a few of our favorites.

This is going to stink, but there is no average cost. Whether you design your own WordPress website or hire an agency to do the work for you, the size and scope is what determines the price. An eCommerce website with 500 products and more advances security is going to cost way more than a personal portfolio with 8 pages. But, companies have paid as little as $1200, and as much as $75,000 for a website. 

There sure are. WordPress powers 43% of the entire internet, and among other content management systems 76%. 

It is but there are reasons. If you’re the biggest and most well known business, the thief will want to rob you. It’s the same thing here. WordPress powers so much of the internet that its going to be what the hackers go after. But, most of the time websites get hacked because they are not being managed properly. If you don’t regularly check your site and update the plugins, it leaves holes malware and hackers can exploit.

The average WordPress designer will charge a few thousand for a custom website, and that will include hosting and extra software costs. Generally SEO and other services become addons. We design everything custom unless you truly have budgeting problems, then we can utilize a template. We don’t encourage it though, since many of the DIY WordPress users have probably purchased the same templates online, and the last thing you want is a website that looks just like your competitors.

Here’s a list of what you get when you choose us to design your WordPress website.

  • Custom UX and UI design
  • eCommerce functionality
  • Website maintenance and management
  • Responsive web design
  • Custom copywriting
  • Lead generator creation and calls to action.
  • Website hosting (we use Siteground)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website analytics
  • Security

Literally none of that is an addon. You get it all when you hire us.

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